World News: Covid-19 Vaccine Prospects, Biden’s Potential & Princess Diana

A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week, Suddenly, hope: covid-19 vaccinesThe world and Joe Biden: Great Expectations (09:25) And, how Princess Diana shaped British politics (14:05).

New Aerial Travel Videos: Most Beautiful Villages Of Switzerland (2020)

The Alpine region of Switzerland, conventionally referred to as the Swiss Alps, represents a major natural feature of the country and is, along with the Swiss Plateau and the Swiss portion of the Jura Mountains, one of its three main physiographic regions. 

Interview: Erika Fatland, Author Of ‘The Border – A Journey Around Russia’

One of Norway’s most exciting new travel writers, Erika Fatland has gained a reputation for telling unique, often overlooked stories. A social anthropologist by training, she has documented terrorism in Beslan and the 2011 terror attacks in her native Norway.

In her latest book, ‘The Border: A Journey Around Russia,’ she turns her attention to frontiers, recounting a fascinating trip through each of the 14 countries bordering the world’s largest country. 

Wilderness Video: ‘Tahoe National Forest’ In Northern California

“Sunday Morning” takes us to Tahoe National Forest, northwest of Lake Tahoe, in California. Videographer: Derek Reich.

Tahoe National Forest is a United States National Forest located in California, northwest of Lake Tahoe. It includes the 8,587-foot peak of Sierra Buttes, near Sierra City, which has views of Mount Lassen and Mount Shasta. It is located in parts of six counties: Sierra, Placer, Nevada, Yuba, Plumas and El Dorado.

Walking Tour Video: Inokashira Park, Kichijoji District In Tokyo, Japan

Filmed on November 8th, 2020. A walk in Inokashira Park, Kichijoji Tokyo, Japan.

Kichijōji is a neighborhood in the city of Musashino in Tokyo, Japan. It is centered on a compact but very popular commercial area to the north of its train station and to the south a little, with a full range of shops, restaurants, bars, and coffee houses. 

Video timeline: 00:00 Preview 00:24 Starting Point 00:32 Kichijoji District / 吉祥寺 00:38 Inokashira Park / 井の頭恩賜公園 01:36 Nanai Bridge / 七井橋 02:09 Inokashira Pond / 井の頭池 05:48 Nanaibashi-dori Street / 七井橋通り 09:27 Inokashira-dori Street / 井の頭通り 14:53 Kichijoji Station / 吉祥寺駅 17:30 Kichijoji Sunroad / 吉祥寺サンロード 18:51 Motomachi Street / 元町通り 23:29 Taisho dori Avenue / 大正通り 25:05 Nishinijo Street / 西二条通り 27:28 Showa-dori Street / 昭和通り 28:38 Kichijoji Avenue / 吉祥寺通り

Health: ‘A Changing Climate, Changes Disease’

In recent decades, the worldwide burden of infectious disease has fallen, thanks to sanitation, hygiene, and prevention and control efforts. But the covid-19 pandemic shows how great a threat to global health remains – particularly as the climate crisis continues to affect disease spread and our response in myriad ways. Increasing temperatures are expanding the areas where diseases such as malaria and dengue thrive. More flooding and drought increases disease risk. Hygiene requires access to clean water. Further urbanization and migration related to climate change will also complicate prevention and control. The BMJ has published “The time is now” collection, calling for the strengthening of the global response to climate change and communicable disease.…

Sunday Morning Podcast: News From Zurich, Hong Kong & London (Monocle)

A round-up of the weekend’s most interesting discussion topics with Monocle’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé, Benno Zogg, Chandra Kurt and Marcus Schögel, plus a check-in with Kaius Niemi, senior editor in chief of Finland’s ‘Helsingin Sanomat’ newspaper.

Hotel Tours: ‘Lefay Resort & Spa, Lake Garda, Italy’

Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda is located in Gargnano in the heart of the spectacular and renowned “Riviera dei Limoni”. 11 hectares of natural park, surrounded by gentle hills and natural terraces rich in woods and olive groves overlooking a spectacular view of the lake.

Lake Garda, in northern Italy, is known for its crystal clear water. At the south end, the town of Sirmione is dominated by the Rocca Scaligera, a fortress with harbor views. The nearby Grotte di Catullo archaeological site includes a Roman villa. On the lake’s western shore, in Gardone Riviera, is Il Vittoriale degli Italiani, former home of poet d’Annunzio. The Dolomites frame Riva del Garda, a resort in the north. 


Travel: ‘Hindeloopen – The Netherlands’ (Video)

This small town is situated at the IJsselmeer, in the north of The Netherlands. It attracts a lot of visitors, but because of corona we were nearly alone to visit the old center.

Hindeloopen is an old city on the North of the Netherlands on the IJsselmeer. It lies within the municipality of Súdwest Fryslân. It is famous because of the Hindeloopen art and hindeloopen costume. Hindeloopen is one of the eleven cities of Friesland. It had a population of around 875 in January 2017.