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Morning News: Taliban In Afghanistan, Iran Hijacks Vessels, Italy’s Far Right

We get the latest from Lynne O’Donnell on the front line in Afghanistan and ask whether recent hijackings in the Persian Gulf are part of a concerted effort of Iranian foreign policy. Plus: is the far right on the rise in Italy?

Sunday Morning Podcast: News From Zurich, Athens, Bangkok And London

Tyler Brûlé, Rob Cox, Marcus Schögel and Gillian Dobias cover the weekend’s news. Plus, what’s making the headlines on the pages of Greece’s ‘Kathimerini’ newspaper, and a check-in with our Bangkok correspondent Gwen Robinson.

Morning News Podcast: U.N. Coronavirus Report, China-Iran Agreement

We discuss the UN’s report into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic and hear about a new comprehensive agreement signed between Beijing and Tehran.

Plus: we head to Iceland as the countdown to Eurovision begins.

Morning News Podcast: Biden Press Conference, France-China Sanctions

We unpack Joe Biden’s first official news conference and hear about how sanctions are impacting relations between France and China. 

Plus: the latest climate and energy news and a checkup on music industry sales. From Milan: Salone highlights, interviews and a daily running guide.