Trends In Food: Erewhon Organic Market Keeps Expanding By Keeping Prices (And Quality) High

From an article:

Erewhon Natural Food Stores Products“In the beginning, the company was so in rapture with health and wellness, that they’d get cashews from some exotic place and you’d end up spending 20-some dollars for a bag of nuts,” Widener says. “But I’d still buy a bag because I wanted to learn about it, and I felt better when I ate ‘em.” The supermarket-as-classroom ethos even influences Erewhon’s physical layout: the grocer builds shelves that are too tall so that customers will be forced to ask for assistance, thus building a relationship with salespeople.

Erewhon, a natural foods grocer based in L.A., has inspired cult-like devotion among those who can afford to pay four dollars for an avocado. On Instagram, a torrent of celebrities can be seen pushing bags of Erewhon produce to their Escalades, while beaming earth mother types with names like “healthjunky” cradle the chain’s green beverages. The store has even inspired a line of merch.

To read more click on the following link:–GmpdOgZ2NYDU32TTOQ6Gqhus0hNfDfpCleCSES-n_3yZKwHpd-fTuBlp9BycKnouKgvoMgzjQ4d0ayP7fP4dN3E7daQ&_hsmi=75852890

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