Restaurant Experiences: The Dream Away Lodge Is “Hearty And Happening” In The Bershires, MA

From a Boston Magazine online article by Scott Kearnan:

1553289_10152793727262400_21608897905869281_o-1536x1300 (1)To find the Dream Away Lodge—an eccentric, roadhouse-like restaurant I’d heard whispers about for years—we blind-trusted our GPS to lead us deep into the western Massachusetts woods, down dark lanes where gnarled limbs from tall trees reach to grab at low-floating headlights. The place has long attracted mountain beatniks seeking folk-music hootenannies in its wood-paneled den and enclosed porch, but current owner Daniel Osman, a former theater artist with ties to the Radical Faeries, a global gay-hippies collective, has painted yet another layer onto its long history.

What’s not camp is the entirely serious food from chef Amy Loveless, an area native who inherited a gift for rustic-American cuisine from her mother, a one-time cook for Norman Rockwell. Here, the genre is burnished with international accents: Local lamb, chicken, and pork are respectively given Greek (tzatziki!), Mexican (tomatillo-chipotle salsa!), and Korean (cucumber-ginger salad!) treatments. The food is hearty, the place happening. As we share a mezze plate by tapered candlelight, a jam band’s tunes waft over to the dining room.

To read more click on the following link:

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