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Opinion: The World Of Xi Jinping, Painful Central Bank Choices, Roald Dahl

March 27, 2023: A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week, we explore the world according to XI. Also, we look at the excruciating trade-off central bankers face (09:56) and why editing Roald Dahl for sensitivity was silly (17:28).

The world according to Xi

Even if China’s transactional diplomacy brings some gains, it contains real perils

News: Taiwan’s Ma Ying-Jeou Visits China, French Protests, Tiktok Concerns

March 27, 2023: Taiwan’s former president Ma Ying-jeou visits China. Plus: the latest on the civil unrest in France with Agnès Poirier, Josh Cowls on the Tiktok controversy and a look ahead to Monocle’s April issue.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

News: Netanyahu Visits UK, Macron Firm On Pension Reform, Honduras-China

March 24, 2023: Benjamin Netanyahu’s UK visit. Plus: Emmanuel Macron digs in his heels as pension-reform rallies erupt across France, Honduras switches ties from Taiwan to China and the latest business news.

News: U.S. Fed Raises Key Rate, Lebanon Protests, Floating Pools In Seoul

March 23, 2023: A report on the Federal Reserve’s crucial decision on interest rates. Plus: protesters in Lebanon try to storm the government headquarters, plans for urban ‘floating’ swimming zones in Seoul, and art collectors flock to East Asia for Art Basel Hong Kong.

News: Xi Jinping & Putin’s New World Order, Kishida In Kyiv, New Brexit Deal

March 22, 2023: Two Asian leaders visit countries at war: China’s Xi Jinping is in Moscow, while Japan’s Fumio Kishida travels to Kyiv.

We ask what this reveals about how Asia views the conflict. Plus: the new Brexit deal faces its first parliamentary test in the UK and why the demand for transatlantic travel is soaring to record levels.

News: Macron Withstands No-Confidence Vote, Bank Woes, Finland Is Happiest

March 21, 2023: What’s next for Emmanual Macron after Monday’s no-confidence votes?

Plus: a look at the latest market turbulence after the Credit Suisse deal, how Greece was trying to attract new business opportunities at this year’s Mipim property trade fair and how Finns have reacted to the news that their country has been ranked the world’s happiest for the sixth year running.

News: Xi Jinping Meets With Putin, Credit Suisse Bank Purchased By UBS

March 20, 2023: Xi Jinping heads to Moscow to meet Vladimir Putin. Plus: an Asia-Pacific round-up, a flick through today’s papers, Saddam Hussein’s tourist-attraction superyacht and jewellers preparing for King Charles’s coronation.

News: Biden Meets With Xi At G20 Summit, Kurds In Turkey, Taliban Sharia Law

We report as world leaders meet in Bali for the G20 summit. Plus, Kurdish militants deny involvement in the weekend’s Istanbul attack, the Taliban move to implement sharia law in Afghanistan, Austria’s political scandal and Karen Krizanovich wraps up headlines in film.

Headlines: Germany’s Olaf Scholz Visits China, Russia Set To Abandon Kherson

Germany’s chancellor Olaf Scholz visits China, the first leader of a liberal democracy to do so since the coronavirus outbreak. Plus: reports that Russian troops are ‘likely’ to abandon a city in Kherson, the business news and Andrew Mueller’s weekly round-up.

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