Politics & Analysis: New Geopolitics Of Business, Brazil & The Next Tesla

A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week: the new geopolitics of businessBrazil’s dismal decade (9:25), and how to be the next Tesla (16:30)

Walking Tour: Anghiari – Northern Italy (4K Video)

Anghiari is a hill town and municipality in the Province of Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy. Bordering comuni include Arezzo, Pieve Santo Stefano and Subbiano. 

TIMELINE: 00:00 World Map intro 00:22 Piazza IV Novembre – Teatro & Fallen Monument 01:40 Galleria Girolamo Magi 02:28 Piazza Baldaccio d’Anghiari 04:24 Porta San Martino (Catorcio) 05:04 Via Taglieschi 06:00 Via della Torre and Clock Tower 06:19 tipical photography 06:35 Climbing up 08:59 little view and downstairs 10:51 Alley of the Poet 11:33 ..to Piazza Mameli 12:59 ..to Piazza del Popolo 13:59 Piazza del Popolo & Palazzo Pretorio 15:40 Via della Propositura 16:26 Panorama and crossing garden bar 17:26 return to the centre 19:19 first Church of Anghiari 19:57 get lost in the flowery streets 🌸 25:05 ..to the “Piana della Battaglia” view 27:56 Anghiari from below 28:22 little timelapse

Anghiari is located about 30 km from Arezzo, almost on the border between Tuscany and Umbria, in the so-called Tuscan Valtiberina. Anghiari is a small medieval jewel set on a gravel hill accumulated over the centuries due to the passage of the Tiber river, which until the mid-1200s flowed at the foot of the city.

Air Travel: United Orders 50 Supersonic Planes

United Airlines has just announced that it will be the first US airline to operate supersonic passenger aircraft from Boom Supersonic. The airline will take 15 Boom Overture aircraft, with an option for 35 more, hopefully in service by 2029.

Article Link: https://simpleflying.com/united-airli…

Wildlife: Top ‘Hornet Moments’ (BBC Earth)

From overthrowing an empire to battling with bees, here are some of our most memorable hornet moments.

The Asian giant hornet, including the color form referred to as the Japanese giant hornet, is the world’s largest hornet. It is native to temperate and tropical East Asia, South Asia, Mainland Southeast Asia, and parts of the Russian Far East.

Camping: Kjerag Falls at Lysefjorden, Norway (4K)

Norways Most Beautiful Summer Experience? Sunset Camping at Kjerag Falls 1000 m above Lysefjorden 4k June 2021.

Camping a 1000m above Lysefjord and experiencing the Kjerag Waterfall in a spectacular sunset from above, I found this experience to be better than watching the Yosemite Firefalls, very similar effect, but seen alone from right above the waterfall with a rainbow and the Fjord with tiny boats and everything before going to sleep in my tent.

Walks: Ramla City Market In Jerusalem, Israel (4K)

The Ramla market is one of the most colorful, successful and beautiful marketplaces in Israel. The market was founded at the end of the Ottoman period and is over 100 years old. Every week, especially on Wednesdays, thousands of people visit the market, to enjoy a special shopping experience and ample parking.

Ramla has many busy marketplaces and a variety of restaurants which together constitute a small scale reflection of the warm human mosaic existing in the cityJabotinsky St., which extends between Herzel St. and Ha’Maapilim St., is served as the City Market, and sells fruit and vegetables, spices, pastry, shoes etc.

California: Muir Woods National Monument

“Sunday Morning” takes us to the Muir Woods National Monument in California, a contemplative forest that’s been called a “temple of peace.” Videographer: Lance Milbrand.

Muir Woods National Monument is part of California’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area, north of San Francisco. It’s known for its towering old-growth redwood trees. Trails wind among the trees to Cathedral Grove and Bohemian Grove, and along Redwood Creek. The Ben Johnson and Dipsea trails climb a hillside for views of the treetops, the Pacific Ocean and Mount Tamalpais in adjacent Mount Tamalpais State Park. 

Wildlife: Yellowstone Bison and Marsh Birds

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Scottish Villas: The Old School House, Loch Fyne

Situated just outside of the former fishing town of Lochgilphead in West Scotland, and close to the neighbouring Ardrishaig (which is renowned for sailing and watersports) sits The Old School House.

Located just back from the road and leading directly down onto Loch Fyne, the traditionally charming property, which was once — unbelievably — a school house, has, in recent years undergone renovation work. The result is a lovely home in an unbeatable location.

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Timelapse Views: ‘Gros Morne National Park’ – Newfoundland, Canada

Gros Morne National Park is a unique place where everchanging weather and unique geology come together to create unexpected and captivating scenes. After many trips to this wonderful place, 2020 was the decisive year where I finally took the time to capture it’s varying moods through the medium of timelapses.

Gros Morne National Park is a Canadian national park and world heritage site located on the west coast of Newfoundland. At 1,805 km2 (697 sq mi), it is the second largest national park in Atlantic Canada after Torngat Mountains National Park, which has an area of 9,700 km2 (3,700 sq mi).

The park takes its name from Newfoundland’s second-highest mountain peak (at 806 m or 2,644 ft) located within the park. Its French meaning is “large mountain standing alone,” or more literally “great sombre.” Gros Morne is a member of the Long Range Mountains, an outlying range of the Appalachian Mountains, stretching the length of the island’s west coast. It is the eroded remnants of a mountain range formed 1.2 billion years ago. In 1987, the park was awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO because “The park provides a rare example of the process of continental drift, where deep ocean crust and the rocks of the earth’s mantle lie exposed.”[1]