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Books: The New York Times Book Review – Jan 22, 2023

Illustration by Anthony Gerace

The New York Times Book Review – January 22, 2023:

A New Novel Confronts the Scale and Gravity of Climate Change

As catastrophe approaches, Stephen Markley’s “The Deluge” considers its many facets.

A Documentarian Travels the World Asking: ‘Have You Eaten Yet?’

From the Arctic to the Amazon, Cheuk Kwan traces a diaspora through Chinese restaurants owned and operated by immigrant families.

Read Your Way Through Newfoundland

Michael Crummey, an award-winning author whose poetry and prose explore the region and its capital, St. John’s, shares book recommendations, local vocabulary and where to find a good pint.

Views: The ‘Rediscovery’ Of Fogo Island In Canada

A small island off the coast of Newfoundland is redefining itself with the help of a local businesswoman who combined deep pockets with a deep appreciation for the island’s past.

Fogo Island is the largest of the offshore islands of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The Town of Fogo Island encompasses Fogo, Joe Batt’s Arm-Barr’d Islands-Shoal Bay, Seldom-Little Seldom and Tilting, with the unincorporated areas of Fogo Island.

Timelapse Views: ‘Gros Morne National Park’ – Newfoundland, Canada

Gros Morne National Park is a unique place where everchanging weather and unique geology come together to create unexpected and captivating scenes. After many trips to this wonderful place, 2020 was the decisive year where I finally took the time to capture it’s varying moods through the medium of timelapses.

Gros Morne National Park is a Canadian national park and world heritage site located on the west coast of Newfoundland. At 1,805 km2 (697 sq mi), it is the second largest national park in Atlantic Canada after Torngat Mountains National Park, which has an area of 9,700 km2 (3,700 sq mi).

The park takes its name from Newfoundland’s second-highest mountain peak (at 806 m or 2,644 ft) located within the park. Its French meaning is “large mountain standing alone,” or more literally “great sombre.” Gros Morne is a member of the Long Range Mountains, an outlying range of the Appalachian Mountains, stretching the length of the island’s west coast. It is the eroded remnants of a mountain range formed 1.2 billion years ago. In 1987, the park was awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO because “The park provides a rare example of the process of continental drift, where deep ocean crust and the rocks of the earth’s mantle lie exposed.”[1]

Travel: A Coast To Coast Glimpse Of ‘Canada’ (Video)

A Glimpse of Canada: From the rocky bluffs of Newfoundland to the vast Douglas fir forests and rocky shores of Vancouver Island, Canada is truly a country of picturesque beauty. Every province from the Maritimes in the east, to the rugged shores of British Columbia in the west, has its own natural beauty. The Queen Charlotte Islands north of Vancouver Island point, as a bony finger, into the Pacific Ocean. Called Haida Gwii by the Haida Indians, they are often called the Canadian Galapagos. Here, abandoned villages, decaying totem poles and remnants of longhouses pay tribute to Canada”s Native Peoples. In British Columbia, the paths of Stanley Park wind amidst giant firs and fragrant beds of flowers. Superbly carved totem poles reach into the sky, giving evidence of the talents of the Haida Tribe.

Aerial Travel Videos: ‘Canada’ (Ultra HD)

Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. Its ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 million square kilometres, making it the world’s second-largest country by total area.

Video timeline: 1. intro (Niagara falls) 0:00 2. intro (Vancouver island waterfalls) 0:02 3. intro (CN Tower) 0:08 4. intro (Niagara Falls with river) 0:11 5. intro (Vancouver park) 0:14 6. intro (Peyto Lake) 0:16 7. intro (Toronto City) 0:19 8. intro (Frozen Niagara falls) 0:23 9. intro (Athabasca River) 0:26 10. Beautiful ocean and house in Newfoundland 0:29 11. Niagara falls with Rainbow, Aerial View 0:35 12. Iceberg in Canadian ocean 0:41 13. The whole Niagara Falls view by drone 0:53 14. The whole Niagara Falls view by drone (Part 2) 1:01 15. Small fountain time-lapse in the Canadian forest 1:11 16. Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge in Vancouver Forest 1:23 17. Vancouver Park time-lapse in sunny day 1:35 18. The whole Niagara Falls view by drone (Part 3) 1:47 19. The Niagara River and International Rainbow Bridge, Aerial view 1:51 20. Vancouver island waterfall in forest 1:58 21. Beautiful Peyto Lake Time-lapse in Canada 2:11 22. Jasper National Park Aerial view, Canada 2:29 21. Green forest with river in Jasper National Park 2:38 22. Beautiful Moraine Lake in Banff national park 2:48 23. Montreal City at night in Canada, Aerial View 2:57 24. Calgary City at night in Canada, Drone View 3:21 25. Calgary City at night in Canada, (Part 2) 3:45 26. Montreal City at night With River, Aerial View 4:09 27. CN Tower at Night in Toronto, Canada 4:33 28. Athabasca River with green trees 5:03 29. Jasper national park, A guy Walking 5:09 30. Close-up View of Niagara falls 5:16 31. Toronto city sing Time-lapse 5:33 32. Toronto city sing Time-lapse (Part 2) 5:58 33. Mount Louis, Lake at Winter season 6:08 34. Niagara Falls in Sunny Day 6:17 35. Banff gondola ride up to green hills 6:29 36. A Sunny Day Time-Lapse Toronto, Canada 6:49 37. Eaton center Toronto at Night 7:08 38. Vancouver lakes with beautiful blue sky 7:12 39. Frozen Niagara Falls at Winter season 7:23 40. Green trees with blue sky, icefields parkway 7:42 41. Toronto, Canada Time-lapse in Sunset time 7:50 42. Montreal lake with Beautiful red tree and park 8:01 43. Toronto city at night time, Time-Lapse 8:30 44. Ottawa Capital of Canada, Time-lapse 8:45 45. CN Tower with beautiful blue sky time-lapse 9:03 46. Vancouver downtown at night with clouds 9:08 47. Canada in Spring time with ocean 9:29 48. Big ice bugs in Canadian ocean 9:34 49. Calgary City in Canada, Aerial View 9:49 50. Calgary City at sunset time in Canada, Aerial View 10:19 51. Calgary City at sunset time in Canada, Aerial View (Part 2) 10:49 52. Drone fly over the Montreal cities river 11:13 53. Aerial view in Montreal river at sunny day 11:42 54. Aerial view in Montreal river at sunny day (Part 2) 12:12 55. Quebec city’s house, Canada, Aerial View 12:42 56. All over the Toronto city with CN Tower, drone View 13:09 57. All over the Toronto city with CN Tower, drone View (Part 2) 13:32 58. Niagara falls close-up view by drone 14:02 59. Frozen white mountain at winter season 14:31 60. Home in the middle of Minnewanka Lake with beautiful Mountain 15:31 61. Toronto city Canada at night time-lapse 15:50 62. Blue and Red light in CN Tower, Toronto 16:07 63. Car driving on the flyover into the city of Toronto 16:27 64. Car driving on the flyover into the city of Toronto (Part 2) 16:47 65. Dynamic drone view of waterfall 17:05 66. Montreal Quebec city Canada at night 17:22 67. Downtown Toronto high building with blue sky 17:34 68. West Toronto, Canada at night time-lapse 17:45 69. Algonquin park with beautiful lake at sunset time 17:57 70. Yonge-Dundas Square in Canada, time lapse 18:09 71. All over Toronto from Le park in sunny day 18:22 72. Montreal park at spring in Canada 18:35 73. Lake Louise at winter season, Hamlet in Canada 18:45 74. Montreal lake with red leaves in springtime 18:48 75. Hyper-lapse footage of Toronto of Canada at night 19:09 76. Toronto downtown time-lapse at night 19:16 77. Queens Quay in toronto at afternoon 19:27 78. End Title 19:34