Travel & Architecture: “Mont Saint Michel” In Northwest France (Video)

Mont-saint-michel, Rocky, Cone-shaped Islet in Northwestern France. The Islet, celebrated for Its Benedictine Abbey, has small houses and shops on its lowest level. Above these stand the Monastic Buildings, many of which date from the 13th Century and are considered outstanding examples of Gothic Architecture. The Abbey Church that towers over the island was built in 11th Century in Romanesque Style with a choir in flamboyant Gothic Style, considered as one of Medieval Architecture’s Greatest Achievements.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel is a tidal island and mainland commune in Normandy, France. The island lies approximately one kilometer off the country’s northwestern coast, at the mouth of the Couesnon River near Avranches and is 7 hectares in area.

Top New Animated Videos: “In My Particular Case” By Chico Jofilsan (2020)

Direction, design and animation: Chico Jofilsan

Music & sound design: Antfood
Voice actor: Chris Gibbs
Script: Chico Jofilsan & Duda Fonseca
Editing and proofreading: Laura Zuñiga
Live action support and actors: Duda Fonseca, Lucía Yáñez, Micaela Cantaro & Pablo Yáñez

How to choose an idea among so many others? This seems to be an endless question. This short film by Chico Jofilsan is a parody of that particular moment that seems further from us every single day: the idea of the perfect idea. In a world in which focus no longer stands out dispersion occupies the foreground. And this is the main theme of this film that shows different resources of animation in adapting to the rhythm of our minds. After all, what other art, if not animation, is capable of shaping so many imaginary worlds?


Artist Profile: Russian Post-Impressionist Vera Rockline (1896-1934)

From Christie’s (July 9, 2020):

Vera Rockline (1896-1934), Vue de Tiflis, 1919.
Vera Rockline (1896-1934), Vue de Tiflis, 1919.

Vue de Tiflis  is a stunning vision of that city, painted in a manner inspired by Exter’s Cubo-Futurism. Tiflis was renowned then, as it still is now, for a combination of narrow medieval streets and Art Nouveau architecture. In this work, Rockline warps and fragments such features to the point of semi-abstraction: planes intersect and overlap, suggesting the restless energy and bohemian buzz of the Georgian capital.

Christie's LogoWhen she died in April 1934, aged just 37, Vera Rockline was at the peak of her fame. The Russian-born emigrée had made quite a name for herself after moving to Paris in 1921. Obituaries spoke of an ‘incomparable loss’ and a ‘prodigious talent’.

Born in Moscow in 1897 to a Russian father and French mother, Rockline moved to Kiev to apprentice for Aleksandra (or Alexandra) Exter. The latter was a cutting-edge figure whose art fused Cubist and Futurist elements. As civil war racked the former Russian Empire in the wake of 1917’s Bolshevik revolution, however, Vera and her husband fled to Tiflis (modern-day Tbilisi) in Georgia.


Reviews: Director Of Film “The Truth”, Scholar Joyce Zonana’s Translation Of “Malicroix” (LARB Podcast)

Los Angeles Review of BooksThis week, Medaya speaks with acclaimed filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda about his new film, The Truth (La Vérité), starring French film screen legends Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche. Kore-eda discusses complicated family dynamics, the relationship between art and truth-telling and what brought him to France. 

In our second interview, Kate and Medaya are joined by scholar and translator Joyce Zonana, who discusses her translation of Henri Bosco’s 1946 novel Malicroix. This is the first time the French novel has been translated into English.

New Travel Videos: “Simply Taiwan” By Wilkim Tan

Filmed and Edited by: Wilkim Tan

Simply Taiwan is a cinematic short travel film that was captured during my 7 day trip to Taiwan. From the various bustling streets of Ximending, peaceful landscapes and temples at Kaohsiung, traditions and atmosphere at Jiufen and Shifen Old Street and the various night markets scattered throughout Taipei, Simply Taiwan attempts to capture all of those emotions and experiences and delivers it in its rawest form.

Song: Neons & Sakuras by Max LL