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Morning News Podcast: New Police Reform Bill, NY Governor & Security Risks

House cancels Thursday session after security agencies cite risk of new violence, Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he won’t resign, and a good boy gets reunited with his owner.

The Economy: How A $15 Minimum Wage Effects It

Biden has identified raising the minimum wage as a key goal of his administration, but economists and lawmakers disagree on the potential impact. WSJ asked two economists and a minimum-wage worker what the costs and benefits of a $15 minimum wage might be. Photo: Bill Clark/Congressional Quarterly/Zuma Press

Morning News Podcast: Fallout From Washington DC Riots, Covid Job Losses

Two members of President Trump’s cabinet resigned on Thursday. Democrats in Congress say it’s not the secretaries who need to go, but Trump himself. Many signs suggested this week’s pro-Trump rally would be a riot.

Why didn’t authorities seem to believe it? And the pandemic continues to drag the job market down. The Labor Department says 19 million Americans are still depending on unemployment benefits. 

Investigation: ‘How The Rioters Stormed The U.S. Capitol’ (WSJ Video)

A congressional exercise in the peaceful transfer of power devolved into deadly chaos when a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol. Hours after the riots, Congress reconvened and certified President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. Photo: Lev Radin/Pacific Press via ZUMA Wire

Morning News Podcast: Mob Incited By Trump Storms Capitol Building, Biden Victory Certified

A mob incited by President Donald Trump overran the U.S. Capitol building Wednesday as lawmakers were planning to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s election.

Guests: Axios’ Margaret Talev, Alayna Treene and Jonathan Swan.

Morning News Podcast: Trump Pressures Georgia & Election Certification

President Trump pressured Georgia Secretary of State to ‘find’ votes, things to know about Congress and electoral votes, and Philadelphia cook drops pizzas out his window for charity.

Morning News Podcast: Stimulus Bill, Cyber Hack & New Childcare roles

Congress passes Covid-19 relief, top Treasury Department officials were targeted by the massive cyberattack and the new role for dads during Covid quarantines.

Politics Monday: Tamara Keith And Amy Walter On Stimulus Bill Vote (Video)

NPR’s Tamara Keith and Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report join Judy Woodruff to discuss the latest political news, including what an economic relief bill may mean for President-elect Joe Biden and President Trump’s base and his unfounded election claims.

Morning News Podcast: No Voter Fraud Found, Stimulus Bill Discussion

Justice Department investigating ‘bribery conspiracy scheme’ involving presidential pardon, Attorney-General Barr says no evidence of voter fraud, and couple uses deposit from canceled wedding to feed hundreds on Thanksgiving.

Media: ‘The Law At The Center Of The Big Tech Debate In Congress’ (WSJ)

Leaders in government and tech want to rewrite a law that governs the internet. WSJ explains Section 230, how it shaped the modern internet, and what lawmakers and tech executives want to change.

Photo illustration: Carlos Waters/WSJ