Top Art Exhibitions: “Homer At The Beach: A Marine Painter’s Journey” At The Cape Ann Museum

From a Wall Street Journal article:

Winslow Homer’s Sunset Fires (1880) PHOTO THE WESTMORELAND MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ARTThat’s how I felt while visiting “Homer at the Beach: A Marine Painter’s Journey, 1869-1880,” an intimate exhibition at the Cape Ann Museum. The show is handsome, historically rich and perfectly positioned here at this harbor venue, which devotes galleries to regional maritime and fishing artifacts, local decorative arts, Gloucester sea captain Elias Davis ’s house and the works of the renowned illustrator and marine painter Fitz Henry Lane (1804-1865), a Gloucester native with whom Boston-born Winslow Homer (1836-1910) had much in common.

An illustrator and painter, Homer is chiefly celebrated for his mature paintings of life on or near the sea. “Homer on the Beach” was never intended to be a gathering of Homer’s greatest maritime works. Therefore, it does not contain those revered later masterpieces such as “The Life Line” (1884), “The Herring Net” (1885) and “The Gale” (1883-93), but it lays their foundations and illumines the first leg of his voyage. Curated by William R. Cross, a museum consultant and chairman of the Advisory Board of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, the show focuses on Homer’s artistic formation as a marine painter.

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Health Studies: Early Heart Disease Is Related More To Poor Lifestyle Choices Than Genetics

From a online release:

Eurpean Society of CardiologyPhysical inactivity, smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol play a greater role than genetics in many young patients with heart disease, according to research presented today at ESC Congress 2019 together with the World Congress of Cardiology. The findings show that healthy behaviours should be a top priority for reducing heart disease even in those with a family history of early onset.

The study enrolled 1,075 patients under 50, of whom 555 had coronary artery disease (known as premature CAD). Specific conditions included stable angina, heart attack, and unstable angina. The average age was 45 and 87% were men. Risk factor levels and genetics in patients were compared to a control group of 520 healthy volunteers (average age 44, and 86% men). Patients and controls were recruited from the Genes in Madeira and Coronary Disease (GENEMACOR) database.

Five modifiable risk factors were assessed: physical inactivity, smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of patients had at least three of these risk factors compared to 31% of controls. In both groups, the likelihood of developing CAD increased exponentially with each additional risk factor. The probability of CAD was 3, 7, and 24 times higher with 1, 2, and 3 or more risk factors, respectively.

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Future Of Housing: “Tera” Sustainable Eco-Home From AI SpaceFactory

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Tera Airspacefactory Sustainable home layoutAI spacefactory — the architects behind the NASAaward-winning mars habitat — is now launching ‘TERA’, a space-tech habitat designed for off-grid living on earth. designed to be a ‘B&B unlike any other’, ‘TERA’ will be a high-tech, luxe eco-home nestled in the woods of upstate new york with sweeping views of the hudson river. ‘we realized the materials and technology we developed for long-term missions on mars had the potential to be leaps and bounds more sustainable than conventional construction on earth,’ said david malott, AI spacefactory’s CEO and chief architect. ‘TERA will challenge everything we know about architecture and construction. it could transform the way we build on earth – maybe even save our planet.’

Tera Airspacefactory Sustainable home exteriordeveloped from the same designs and 3D printing technologies behind the AI spacefactory’s NASA-award-winning ‘MARSHA’ mars habitat, ‘TERA’ is designed to be minimally invasive to its surrounding environment. it can be broken down, recycled and re-printed elsewhere, without leaving any trace. the ‘multi-planetary architectural and technology design agency’ hopes to curb the massive footprint of conventional building practices that rely on energy-and waste-intensive materials. in its realization,

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Top Political Podcasts: Tamara Keith And Amy Walter Discuss Latest In Washington (PBS)

Tamara Keith Amy Walter PBS NewshourNPR’s Tamara Keith and Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report join Lisa Desjardins to discuss the latest political news, including President Trump’s attacks on unions and how 2020 Democrats are courting this crucial voting bloc, the status of gun safety legislation after another mass shooting, and what a trend of retirements and resignations among House Republicans says about minority politics.

Adventure Travel: Dettifoss Waterfall In Iceland Is “Most Powerful Waterfall In Europe”

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Dettifoss Waterfall Iceland MapHaving earned the superlative of “most powerful waterfall in Europe” because of its massive flow rate (3,059,112 U.S. gallons per minute), standing near this unfettered display of power will give you a healthy respect for the fury of nature. 

Iceland is famous for its spectacular waterfalls, many of which are beautiful and serene places for contemplation. Dettifoss is not one of them.

The 330-foot-wide falls are fed by the river Jökulsá, which means “glacier river” in Icelandic, a reference to the Vatnajökull glacier (recipient of another superlative: one of Europe’s largest). Be careful as you approach and stick to designated pathways since even they can be rendered slippery in the mist.

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