Road Trips In England: Stratford-upon-Avon To Cambridge

A very nice breakfast at the Arden Hotel had us ready for the 1:45 minute drive east to Cambridge.

Sunday is a perfect day to travel across central England as you miss the traffic heading into the numerous circle intersections. We arrived at The Varsity Hotel just before eleven and our room was not ready. So we checked our bags, had the car valeted and changed for a workout in their gym and spa.

Our room was ready at 12:30 so we went up to our 3rd floor room, changed and went back down to the spa for a sauna and jacuzzi.

Fully invigorated, we hit the streets to experience Cambridge.

We walked over to Fitzbillies bakery and ordered a sticky bun to go and headed down to the River Cam at the Silver Street bridge to sit, eat, people watch and view the Mathematical Bridge at Queens College.

Walked back towards the hotel and viewed Pembroke College, which dates back to 1347 and was open and free to walk about.

Much of the town center closes up at 5 pm so we decided to eat Indian food at The Curry King, just two blocks from the hotel. Very good, authentic cuisine,

Future Of Mobility: Self-Driving Car Venture “Voyage” Specializes In Retirement Communities

From the website:

Voyage (is) building the technology to deliver on the promise of self-driving cars. Our first service offers residents safe, autonomous transportation anywhere in their community at speeds up to 25 MPH. This approach lets us solve real transportation challenges today, while setting the foundation for our long-term vision: developing a technology that can drive anyone, on any road, at any time.

Our vehicles are equipped with the best sensors available, giving us a 360-degree picture of the world hundreds of meters from the car. We extensively leverage machine learning to develop state-of-the-art perception models, and have built a rich data pipeline that allows us to continuously improve based on real-world driving. Our multiple sensor modalities give us great perception, while improving the safety and operational redundancy of our autonomous service.

To read more: