Holiday Walking Tour: The ‘Montmartre’ In Paris (4K)

ART VISION TV – Montmartre is a hill in the north of Paris, famous for its artists and Bohemian culture. The hill is topped by the Sacré-Coeur Basilica, which offers stunning views over the city. The streets around the basilica are lined with art galleries and cafés, and there are often buskers and performers in the square. In fact, Montmartre is one of the neighborhoods that Paris is most famous for

AI & Design: ‘Synthetic Architectural Dreams’

'synthetic architectural dreams' explores the revolutionary future of AI-generated design

designboom – Over the past year, the field of design has seen a dramatic shift with artists and architects alike increasingly adapting innovative technologies to explore and expand the bounds of their creative practices.

'synthetic architectural dreams' explores the revolutionary future of AI-generated designillustrative capabilities of AI-powered design programs

Perhaps the most sensational innovation has been the wave of AI-powered design programs, kicking off with DALL-E which quickly consolidated its place in the framework of popular culture, taken further by Midjourney from which a blurred but exciting reality emerged, to Stable Diffusion which moreover has made this work open source.

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Preview: France-Amérique Magazine – January 2023


France-Amérique Magazine – January 2023 Issue:

Art Deco: Two Decades of Transatlantic Collaboration

If you think that French-American architectural ties boil down to swapping a few Statues of Liberty, then you should visit the Art Deco France-North America exhibition, in Paris until March 6 – or at least read our article on two decades of transatlantic collaboration, a friendship etched in stone. Also in this issue: Paris through the eyes of American thinker Susan Sontag; former prime minister Alain Juppé on the Conseil Constitutionnel – the French version of the Supreme Court; and director Alice Diop on her latest film, Saint Omer, which has been shortlisted to represent France at the Oscars!

Front Page: The New York Times – January 2, 2023


U.S. Pours Money Into Chips, but Even Soaring Spending Has Limits

Amid a tech cold war with China, U.S. companies have pledged nearly $200 billion for chip manufacturing projects since early 2020. But the investments are not a silver bullet.

Lula Becomes Brazil’s President, With Bolsonaro in Florida

Brazil inaugurates its new president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, on Sunday. Facing investigations, former President Jair Bolsonaro has taken refuge in Orlando.

Idaho Murder Suspect Had Been a Student of the Criminal Mind

The arrest of a graduate student in the murder of four University of Idaho students eased fears but raised a troubling new question: What was the motive?

The Invention of Elise Stefanik

To rise through the Trump-era G.O.P., a young congresswoman gave up her friends, her mentors and her ideals. Will it be enough?