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News: Restrictions On China Travelers To EU, India’s Economic Ascent

EU nations consider restrictions on travellers from China as Beijing eyes countermeasures. Plus: How the pandemic and war in Europe have contributed to India’s economic ascent, Burkina Faso expels the French ambassador and Russia’s weaponisation of culture in its war on Ukraine.

News: Rising Covid Rates Hit China’s Economy, U.S.-Africa, EU-Asean Summit

The latest on China’s economic agenda as loosening coronavirus rules are leading to rising infection rates. Plus: the Biden administration looks to reassert US influence in Africa, first-ever summit between the leaders of EU and Asean member states, and Andrew Mueller with What We Learned.

Preview: The Economist Magazine – Dec 17, 2022

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The Economist – December 17, 2022 issue:

A looming Russian offensive

Ukraine’s chiefs, in an unprecedented series of briefings, tell The Economist about the critical months that lie ahead

What China can still do to avoid an enormous covid death toll

It must treat hospitals as a precious resource and start stockpiling drugs

Why are the rich world’s politicians giving up on economic growth?

Even when they say they want more prosperity, they act as if they don’t