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Interior Design: A Tour Of Berdoulat, Bath, England

House & Garden (April 7, 2023) – Patrick & Neri Williams welcome us into their shop & home, Berdoulat, based in the World Heritage Site of Bath, England. The interior design duo have transformed a truly unique space in the heart of Bath, which sees Georgian, Regency and Victorian architecture converge.

Video timeline: 00:00 – Shop: “Originally in the 18th-century, the shop would have a completely different format” 02:51 – Kitchen & Living Room: “The kitchen is the real heart of the home” 05:24 – Internal Courtyard: “This is the room where we relax and also come up with ideas” 07:54 – Bedroom: “We colour-matched the original Georgian green” 10:30 – Shop Vaults: “This is the original kitchen from the 18th-century servants’ quarters”

With a deep respect for the history and soul of the building, they have sensitively renovated the Grade II-listed space. “In 1890, three very eccentric Victorians joined forces,” explains Patrick as he stands in the front-of-house shop.

“What they did with the building was to completely reformat the space. All of the internal walls at ground and first-floor were removed, as was the ceiling to create this fantastic double-heighted space.” Watch the full episode of Design Notes with Patrick & Neri Williams and tour Berdoulat in Bath.


Architecture Tour: Family Heritage House In Sydney

The Local Project (March 10, 2023) – Perched over Sydney harbour, the architects and designers of Family Heritage, Luigi Rosselli Architects and Alwill Interiors, inject a renewed modern character into the residence.

Video timeline: 00:00 – Introduction to the Elegant Family Home 00:40 – The Award-Winning Architects 01:00 – Behind the Name ‘Family Heritage’ 01:30 – The Clients Brief 02:03 – A Walkthrough of the Family Home 04:59 – The Award-Winning Interior Designers 05:17 – Fresh and Modern Interiors 05:50 – The Materials Used Throughout 06:20 – Favourite Aspects 07:00 – Difficult Aspects 08:07 – Working with Heritage Listed Homes

Originally built at the turn of the century, the renovated home rejects the idea of historical structures being restricted, dark or difficult for modern families. Defeating these misconceptions, the architects and designers have used soft curves, calming colours and material palettes, and welcome a wealth of natural light inside. From the front veranda, guests enter into the front atrium, which has been turned from a dark entrance into light-filled foyer.

Featuring a newly opened staircase, the interior architecture of the atrium tells a story of gentle curves to soften the arrival, before passing into the arched hallway. As the hallway leads to the family room and study, the choice has been made to keep it dark with hues of blue, navy and greys for concentration, study, reading and reflection. Leading from this is the arrival to the main living space, a light-drenched space with wide doors that open to the garden to expand the living space outdoors for entertainment and family use.

Additionally, on the opposite end of the main living space is the fireplace, which has been designed uncentered to allow for the addition of artwork. Moving upwards, the curved staircase leads to a viewing room in which the skyline of Sydney can be viewed. The first-floor landing then also holds the original doors of the home, which the architects and designers have reused for the linen cupboards. The house tour next leads to the private living spaces, including the children’s rooms, guest room and main bedroom.

The main bedroom offers a vastness that is similar to that of a hotel room, with a precise arrangement and thoughtful detailing. Additionally, the room is fitted with a large window looking over the backyard and dancing shutters that open and shut in synchrony. Showing the character of each child, the architects and designers have allowed the children’s bedrooms to share the front veranda to provide them with additional connections to the front gardens. Evident through their long-standing work relationship, the collaboration between the architects and designers makes it seem as if the home has been designed by one set of hands.

Using a calm, white base, the home builds character with tobacco, pink and blue tones through each living space. Accommodating for a busy family, the architects and designers carefully asses the function of spaces and imbue rooms with durable materials to handle daily wear and tear. Evoking different emotions throughout the home, the interior material choices have purposely been selected by the architects and designers to showcase the home’s unique character and charm.

Art/Interior Design: Tour Of Charleston House, UK

House & Garden (March 3, 2023) – Houses with History from Charleston House. Join Lucy Hammond Giles, Associate Director at Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler, as we tour Charleston House, once home to artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant.

Vanessa and Duncan saw no particular distinction between art and interior design, and treated the house as a canvas, painting practically every wall and piece of furniture in their own distinctive styles. As a result, the house is not only a significant piece of art history, but a landmark in the history of interior decoration.

Charleston, in East Sussex, is a property associated with the Bloomsbury group, that is open to the public. It was the country home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant and is an example of their decorative style within a domestic context, representing the fruition of more than sixty years of artistic creativity.

English Country Houses: A Tour Of Wolterton Hall

House & Garden (February 3, 2023) – Peter Sheppard and Keith Day welcome us into Wolterton Hall, an 18th-century English country house in Norfolk, England. Both Peter & Keith have been steadily restoring and redecorating Wolterton Park since they bought the estate in 2016 — bringing the state rooms back to their original glory and creating beautiful, practical living spaces.

Video timeline: 00:00 – Boudoir: “The walls were covered with a green hessian” 02:30 – Saloon: “This is where we have our best parties” 05:29 – State Bedroom: “It’s really funny to have a state bedroom when your friends come and stay…” 06:17 – State Bathroom: “It’s not conventional to have a bath of this size” 07:30 – Kitchen: “You shouldn’t hide away beautiful things” 08:49 – Living Room: “This was the Walpole’s library” 09:57 – Picture Room: “A 20th-century collection of paintings”

Watch the full episode of Design Notes as we tour Wolterton Hall and Peter & Keith explain how they live in the Palladian rooms of the piano nobile, from the State Bathroom with its alabaster-panelled bath to the Saloon that looks out on 500 acres of parkland. #HouseTour #ManorHouse #CountryHouse #England #HomeDesign

Homes: Interior Designers Transform Same Bedroom

Architectural Digest – We gave interior designers Lula Galeano, Laura Hodges, and Alvin Wayne a photo of the spacious bedroom – then asked each of them to create a design for it in their particular style, however they pleased. Three artists, one canvas, each bringing something different to space. See which designer comes closest to creating the bedroom you see in your dreams.

Designers: One Bathroom Rendered Three Ways (AD)

Architectural Digest – We gave interior designers Lula Galeano, Laura Hodges, and Alvin Wayne a photo of the luxury bathroom – then asked each of them to create a design for it in their particular style, however they pleased.

Designer Portfolio Pictures provided by:

Three artists, one canvas, each bringing something different to space. See which designer comes closest to creating your dream bathroom.

Renders provided by:

Spacejoy, a design-led commerce platform powered by interactive 3D technology. Spacejoy pairs customers with expert designers to create a stunning home featuring handpicked products from top brands that you can shop instantly. https://www.spacejoy.com/

Home Design: Pavilion House In Avalon, Australia

The Local Project – An interior designer’s own holiday home, Pavilion House reflects a studious approach to the relationship between architecture, landscaping and the internal environment. Crafted by Nina Maya Interiors and Maya Sternberg Architects, the home captures an escapist experience using an array of sculptural forms.

Video timeline: 00:00 – Introduction to the Interior Designer’s Family Holiday Home 00:35 – Introduction to Nina Maya Interiors 00:55 – The Location of the Home 01:11 – A Brief Based Around That Holiday Feeling 01:47 – Pavillion Style Architecture 02:06 – A Walkthrough of the Home 02:23 – Evoking a Ubiquitous Feeling 02:43 – The Connection Between Indoor and Outdoor 03:15 – The Landscape Architecture 04:05 – A Light-filled Home 04:27 – The Hand Carved Coffee Table 05:14 – Organic, Round Soft Forms 05:34 – Nina’s Favourite Features

Situated in Avalon, a coastal suburb of Sydney, Pavilion House stands as an interior designer’s own holiday home, settled in close proximity to the beach. As the beach house sits far back on a 1000 square-metre block, a house tour of the residence begins with a sense of land, space and privacy reminiscent of a luxury hotel. Architecturally, the building champions a pavilion style with an orderly spatial layout and front façade comprised of glass.

Entering Pavilion House, occupants find the kitchen and dining room, followed by the living quarters and, further back, all bedrooms and bathrooms. As an interior designer’s own holiday home, the residence effortlessly proposes a luxury living experience influenced by hotel designs from around the world. A seamless connection between indoor and outdoor space is maintained using doors which stack to their sides – opening the home to the external environment – and a sophisticated treatment of landscape.

Balancing aesthetics and functionality, Pavilion House is a prime example of an interior designer’s own holiday home. Having excavated a large portion of the front of the property, Nina Maya Interiors builds a refined outdoor dining area surrounded by palm trees, white pebbles and a custom marble table. In addition, the landscape features a firepit area and outdoor spa space, complete with a bar, vanity, free-standing bathtub and rain shower. The lighting of Pavilion House also nods towards its status as an interior designer’s own holiday home. In the lounge, a continuous skylight runs seven metres across the length of the room, inviting natural light to play across the plaster wall.

Raw finishes combine with a restrained colour palette to enhance the calming quality of the sunlight and sculptural furniture within the interior design. Exuding a sense of relaxation, Pavilion House is an uplifting iteration of an interior designer’s own holiday home. Nina Maya Interiors forges a strong connection between both the internal and external aspects of the home, establishing a coherent place of retreat.

Australia Interior Design: Wimbledon House Tour

Channelling the sense of warmth that has long-defined the family concept, Wimbledon House befits its purpose as a modern family home. Crafted by Taylor Pressly Architects in collaboration with the clients, Dave and Katie Penfold of Penfold Property Group, the functional home provides a timeless environment for communal living.

Video timeline: 00:00 – Introduction to the Modern Family Home 00:24 – The Site of the Home 00:47 – A Two Level Space 01:27 – The Featuring of a Curved Staircase 01:48 – Bringing Warmth to The Home Through Materials 02:25 – Transparency Through The View Lines 02:50 – Creating a Central Heart to The Home 03:04 – The Key Feature Areas: Kitchen and Staircase 03:25 – Creating the Staircase 04:32 – Building a Functional Family Home

Situated at the junction between Elwood, St Kilda, Balaclava and Elsternwick, Wimbledon House reflects thorough consideration of local design heritage. Recycled red brickwork references the previous iteration of the house as well as the influential art deco movement, wrapping the lower half of the exterior and tracking its fluid curves with a stack bond format.

Occupying a central position in the spatial plan is a landscaped courtyard which opens onto a staircase, executed by S&A Stairs. The spiral staircase connects the levels of the modern family home with a smooth three-dimensional curve, painted white. The handrail, neatly attached to the primary architecture of the modern family home, represents a particular achievement of S&A Stairs. While the company of the past would have taken days or weeks to build the rail, the modern-day S&A Stairs draws upon its 102 years of experience in order to complete the work within hours, using 5-Axis CNC technology.

By accommodating a family with ease, Wimbledon House succeeds in what is considered its core function. Offering a modern family home, Taylor Pressly Architects associates the communal domestic experience with elevated living, during which occupants can enjoy pieces of luxury craftmanship.

Australian Home Design: Mosman House In Sydney

On a steep slope in Mosman, on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, TKD Architects were asked not just to design a six-bedroom family home that took advantage of the views, but also to take charge of the interior architecture and styling – from the furniture and flooring right down to the artwork, bedding and even the cutlery. All their Shanghai-based clients needed to do was unlock the door and walk into their completely finished home.

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Interior Design: A Studio Apartment’s 3 Renderings

We gave interior designers Noz Nozawa, Darren Jett, and Joy Moyler a photo of the same loft – then asked each of them to create a design for it in their particular style, however they pleased. Three artists, one canvas, each bringing something different to space. See which designer comes closest to creating your dream studio apartment.