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Previews: New York Times Magazine- January 29, 2023


The New York Times Magazine – January 29, 2023 issue:

Student. Athlete. Mogul?

Now that college players are allowed to cut sponsorship deals, some of them are raking in the money — but at what cost to the rest?

Your Next Hospital Bed Might Be at Home

In a time of strained capacity, the “hospital at home” movement is figuring out how to create an inpatient level of care anywhere.

Can Germany Be a Great Military Power Again?

Leery of Russian aggression, Europe’s economic giant is making a historic attempt to revitalize its armed forces. It has a long way to go.

Previews: New York Times Magazine – Dec 11, 2022

NYT Mag (December 11, 2022)The 10 Best Actors of 2022 – See a portfolio of this year’s Great Performers, including Michelle Yeoh, Daniel Kaluuya, Michelle Williams.





The Cienfuegos Affair: Inside the Case that Upended the Drug War in Mexico

A Times Magazine-ProPublica investigation reveals how the U.S. painstakingly built a case against a Mexican general suspected of links to organized crime — and then decided to let him go.

Preview: New York Times Magazine – Dec 4, 2022

Photo illustration by Todd St. John.

@NYTMagDecember 4, 2022 issue:

Where Does All the Cardboard Come From? I Had to Know.

Entire forests and enormous factories running 24/7 can barely keep up with demand. This is how the cardboard economy works.

‘Avatar’ and the Mystery of the Vanishing Blockbuster

It was the highest-grossing film in history, but for years it was remembered mainly for having been forgotten. Why?

After Covid, Playing Trumpet Taught Me How to Breathe Again

The benefits of group (music) therapy.

Tom Stoppard Fears the Virus of Antisemitism Has Been Reactivated

Tech & Design Preview: NYT Magazine – Nov 13, 2022

Inside the November 13, 2022 issue:

In an Age of Constant Disaster, What Does It Mean to Rebuild?

Each catastrophe is a test of what kind of society we’ve built. And each recovery offers a chance, however fleeting, to build another.

Architects Plan a City for the Future in Ukraine, While Bombs Still Fall

Irpin was one of the first Ukrainian cities to be destroyed and liberated. Now it’s becoming a laboratory for rebuilding.

Remaking the River That Remade L.A.

The Los Angeles River has been channeled, subdued, blighted. Could it serve Angelinos?

Can a National Museum Rebuild Its Collection Without Colonialism?

After a fire destroyed thousands of Indigenous artifacts, the curators of this Brazilian museum are adopting a radical new approach.

Cover: The New York Times Magazine – Oct 9, 2022

Doctors and midwives in blue states are working to get abortion pills into red states — setting the stage for a historic legal clash.

What Does Sustainable Living Look Like? Maybe Like Uruguay

No greater challenge faces humanity than reducing emissions without backsliding into preindustrial poverty. One tiny country is leading the way.

The Climate Novelist Who Transcends Despair

Lydia Millet believes the natural world can help us become more human.

Cover: The New York Times Magazine – August 21, 2022


Willie Nelson’s Long Encore

As he approaches 90, even brushes with death can’t keep him off the road — or dim a late-life creative burst.

TikTok Audio Memes Are Everywhere. How Do They Work?

Welcome to the era of the audio meme, a time when replicable units of sound are a cultural currency as strong as — if not stronger than — images and text.

Read more: https://nyti.ms/3A6vPOT

Preview: New York Times Magazine – August 14, 2022


The Taliban’s Dangerous Collision Course With the West

After barring girls from high school — and harboring an Al-Qaeda leader — the regime now risks jeopardizing the billions of dollars of global aid that still keeps Afghans alive.

Read more: https://nyti.ms/3BPMloE

Previews: New York Times Magazine – July 31, 2022


Economic devastation looms across the Caribbean, which is facing a future of climate crisis and spiraling debt. Mia Mottley, the first woman to lead Barbados, is fighting to end this fiscal spiral — and ensure her country’s survival, @AbrahmL reports.

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Preview: New York Times Magazine – July 10, 2022

Current cover

The 7.10.22 Issue

In this issue, Kim Tingley on the quest to make the most of our body clocks with “circadian medicine”; Virginia Eubanks on her partner’s PTSD and her struggle as a caregiver; Mark Binelli on Yuval Sharon, the most visionary opera director of his generation; Jake Bittle on the restaurateur who changed America’s energy industry; and more.

Preview: New York Times Magazine – April 24, 2022