Tech & Design Preview: NYT Magazine – Nov 13, 2022

Inside the November 13, 2022 issue:

In an Age of Constant Disaster, What Does It Mean to Rebuild?

Each catastrophe is a test of what kind of society we’ve built. And each recovery offers a chance, however fleeting, to build another.

Architects Plan a City for the Future in Ukraine, While Bombs Still Fall

Irpin was one of the first Ukrainian cities to be destroyed and liberated. Now it’s becoming a laboratory for rebuilding.

Remaking the River That Remade L.A.

The Los Angeles River has been channeled, subdued, blighted. Could it serve Angelinos?

Can a National Museum Rebuild Its Collection Without Colonialism?

After a fire destroyed thousands of Indigenous artifacts, the curators of this Brazilian museum are adopting a radical new approach.

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