Ultimate Campers: The High Technology Inside 2019 Hymer Camper Vans

From a New Atlas online article:

Hymer certainly gave credit where it was due, recognizing BASF’s role in the opening paragraph of its VisionVenture announcement and detailing elements like the Chromacool exterior paint and Veneo Slate transforming-bathroom trim. Still, it wasn’t quite clear just how deep BASF’s participation ran. Knowing a thing or two about the power of a buzzy concept vehicle (like a bike or car), BASF released some additional information last week to squeeze a little extra press out of the VisionVenture, a star of the 2019 Caravan Salon that featured in RV, auto and tech publications and blogs all over the world.

Hymer Camper Van BASF Advanced Materials

VisionVenture from HymerEven with a few months of 2019 left to go, we feel confident that the Hymer VisionVenture is the coolest camper van of the year. The concept camper has absolutely captured the public’s imagination, showing how a little bit of creative tinkering can turn the art of sleeping in a van into world-class luxury travel. When Hymer announced the concept at the start of the 2019 Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, it mentioned incorporating over 20 materials and technologies from German chemical giant BASF, touching upon some of the most integral. BASF jumped in this month to further detail exactly how its tech can benefit future van lifers.

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Future Of Dining: Door Dash Kitchens Launches First “Ghost Restaurant” In Redwood City, CA

From a The Spoon online article:

DoorDash Kitchens deliveryDoorDash customers can now order from a handful of chain restaurants and either pick up food right at the commissary or have it delivered. This first location of DoorDash Kitchens, located in Redwood City, CA, will serve several cities in the California Peninsula area, including Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Woodside, among others.

With more and more restaurants, food entrepreneurs, and delivery services using ghost kitchens, it seemed only a matter of time before DoorDash built one of its own. So it’s not too surprising that today, the San Francisco-based company announced the launch of its first ever shared commissary kitchen, dubbed DoorDash Kitchens, which will house multiple to-go restaurant concepts under a single roof, according to an email sent to The Spoon.

To read more: https://thespoon.tech/doordash-launches-its-first-ghost-kitchen-facility-for-to-go-restaurant-concepts/?ct=t(RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN)&mc_cid=96085808f3&mc_eid=15aca53f83

Health Care: How “Non-Profit” Hospitals Are Driving Up Medical Costs

From an NPR online article:

Yale School of Public HealthThe irony is most hospitals are “nonprofit,” a status that makes them tax exempt. Many (but not all) do enough charity work to justify tax benefits, yet it’s clear nonprofit hospitals are very profitable. They funnel much of the profits into cushy salaries, shiny equipment, new buildings, and, of course, lobbying. In 2018, hospitals and nursing homes spent over $100 million on lobbying activities. And they spent about $30 million on campaign contributions. Health industries have also been funneling hefty sums into dark money groups. But their political power isn’t just the result of lobbying or electioneering. Hospitals are often the biggest employers in states and cities across America.

recent study by Yale School of Public Health economist Zack Cooper and colleagues takes a look at hospital politics and helps shed light on why American health care is so insanely expensive.

Cooper and his colleagues have spent years investigating whether this was true, filing Freedom of Information Act requests and crunching data. They’ve uncovered evidence that suggests it was true. They find that legislators who were on the fence and voted “yea” for the legislation were 700% more likely to see a large bump in Medicare payment rates to hospitals in their district. Between 2005 and 2010, Congress shelled out over $2 billion to 88 hospitals through the horse-trading Section 508 provision. It was a clear win for these hospitals, which spent the money on more equipment, buildings, services, and staff.

To read more: https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2019/10/15/769792903/how-non-profit-hospitals-are-driving-up-the-cost-of-health-care

Top Camping Sites: Sandy Pines Campground In Kennebunkport, Maine Added “Unique Retreats”

From an Inhabitat.com online review:

Sandy Pines Campground Kennebunkport, Maine sitesTo kick off the 2019 season, Sandy Pines installed some new glamping units that offer the best in luxurious camping. For guests looking for a trip back in time, there is a decked-out Airstream or two beautiful Conestoga wagons. Additionally, there are a few tiny cabins on site, including a minimalist A-frame with a fully opened facade. For stargazers, the transparent Oasis Dome or the Glass House would make for great stays. Most of the sites are for two people, with the exception of the family cottages, which can accommodate two adults and two children.

Located in the idyllic coastal region of Kennebunkport, the campground is surrounded by pristine forest on one side and salt marsh on the other. Designed to be a relaxing retreat, the site offers a variety of interesting accommodations.

Each glamping unit is tucked into a site overlooking the marsh, just steps away from the beach. All of the lodgings come with bed linens, bath towels and beach towels as well as private seating areas and fire pits.

To read more: https://inhabitat.com/kennebunkport-campground-offers-tiny-cabins-airstreams-and-more/

Video Profiles: Italian Photographer Massimo Vitali At Home In Lucca

Directed by: Barbara Anastacio

Even though the image-maker’s large color works are held in galleries around the world, Vitali chooses not to display any photography in his home. Instead, the crumbling walls, sky blue vaulted ceilings, eroded slogans, frescoes and marble archways of the church provide as much narrative as any image.

My Place - Massimo Vitali Short Film 2019

Massimo Vitali - Natural HabitatsAn assortment of inflatable alligators, damp bodies and candy cane-colored umbrellas typify Italian photographer Massimo Vitali’s ongoing Beach Series, which he began in 1995. Born in Como, Italy in 1944 Vitali’s internationally recognized panoramas of busy ski resorts, clubs, pools and piazzas explore the multilayered stories present in communal leisure places.

“Vitali’s choice of home reflects his intrigue in the spaces that people chose to congregate in”

This Barbara Anastacio-directed episode takes us away from the crowds and into the tranquil Tuscan city of Lucca where Vitali lives with his wife and son. The photographer’s home is a fourteenth-century church, which—in one of it’s most recent incarnations—was used a boxing and fencing gym for young fascists during the Mussolini years.

My Place - Massimo Vitali Short Film 2019

To read more: https://www.nowness.com/series/my-place/massimo-vitali-barbara-anastacio

Classic Car Events: The “Journées d’Automne” Near Paris Is Now A Top Motoring Destination

From a Classic Driver online review:

Journées d'Automne 2019Enthusiasts and friends travelled from France, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, America and even Argentina to enjoy great food and wine (we were in the Champagne region, after all), even better locations and roads and a truly diverse selection of classic cars. Wilhelm Schmid – the ever-passionate CEO of A. Lange & Söhne, Journées d’Automne’s low-key title sponsor – drove his stunning Porsche 911S from Dresden together with his wife Yvonne. “For me, this event is the highlight of my personal motoring year,” he told me. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” 

Journées d'Automne 2019Journées d’Automne. It sounds a bit like the title of a romance novel by Rosamunde Pilcher, but it’s actually a wonderful classic car meeting that takes place every October just east of Paris. What began several years ago as an autumnal outing for a small number of car-minded friends has evolved into a large yet intimate get-together and an insider’s tip for celebrating the end of the events season in style.

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