Future Of Food Delivery: Dominos Pizza To Go With Fleet Of Electric Bikes

From a Fast Company online article:

Dominos Pizza Electric Bike deliveryThe national pizza chain recently announced a partnership with Rad Power Bikes, a Seattle-based electric cycle startup, in which Rad will provide Domino’s franchise owners with e-bikes to replace vehicle deliveries. Through the exclusive partnership, Domino’s franchise owners will have the option to purchase a custom-outfitted e-bike for up to $1,400. Switching from vehicle deliveries is not mandatory, but according to Brian Rinckenberger, commercial sales director for Rad Power Bikes, it’s likely to be an appealing option for Domino’s franchises as e-bikes could help speed up delivery times and create opportunities to have more people making deliveries at once.

That is what played out when Domino’s tested out making deliveries by e-bike in Houston, Miami, and New York City earlier this year. According to Rinckenberger, stores saw improvements in overall delivery time and service, as e-bikes are able to skirt around congested vehicle traffic lanes and can be parked much more easily.

To read more click on following link: https://www.fastcompany.com/90390713/the-dominos-delivery-of-the-future-will-arrive-by-electric-bike?utm_campaign=eem524%3A524%3As00%3A20190821_fc&utm_medium=Compass&utm_source=newsletter

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