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Ocean Sports Fishing: ‘Hooked On Bluefin’

“They’re the biggest, baddest fish in the ocean. They will break your heart, they will break your soul, they will break your back, they’ll break your gear. It’s an emotional rollercoaster.”

Costa Films’ “Hooked on Bluefin” unpacks the centuries-old culture of fishing for bluefin tuna — one of the most highly-valued gamefish on the planet. A coast-to-coast adventure, this film explores everything it takes to bring one of these mighty fish from ocean to table.

Views: Conflicts In The Deep Ocean (4K Video)

The deep sea is rife with competition and conflict. Deep sea biodiversity relies on the scattered organisms interacting in order to survive, whether they’re working together in symbiosis, scavenging, being predated, or parasitising a host animal. But there is one ecological interaction that does more than any other to influence organisms to change and diversify, and thus plays an important role in the success of deep sea communities. The limited resources mean only a small number of niches can exist. Thus, there is greater competition between different species trying to fill the same niches. This explains why the deep sea has so much competition, for animals must share the ecosystem with other competing species all trying to consume the same limited resources.

Video timeline: 00:00 – An Introduction to Deep Sea Competition 01:31 – Chapter 1: A World of Quiet Conflict – The Reasons for Competition 02:22 – Chapter 1: A World of Quiet Conflict – The Trophic Levels 03:48 – Chapter 1: A World of Quiet Conflict – The Ecological Niches 05:21 – Chapter 2: Competition Between Species – Sea Floor Ecosystems 08:12 – Chapter 2: Competition Between Species – The Competitive Exclusion Principle 09:06 – Chapter 2: Competition Between Species – Resource Partitioning at Vents 11:48 – Chapter 3: Competition Within Species – Intraspecific Competition 12:63 – Chapter 3: Competition Within Species – Group Hunting Techniques 14:25 – Conclusion: The Importance of Ecological Competition

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Science & Exploration: ‘Deep-Sea Soft Robots’

Is the future of deep-sea exploration soft? Researchers have developed a new type of soft robot designed to cope with the crushing pressures at the bottom the ocean. Inspired by the skull of the Mariana Snailfish, the deepest living fish, the researchers distributed their robot’s electronics, creating a machine that can withstand extreme pressure.

Walking Tours: ‘La Jolla, San Diego, California’

La Jolla is a smart seaside area, known for its rugged coastline. Trails wind past pine trees and sandstone canyons in Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, while the 2 courses at world-renowned Torrey Pines Golf Course sit atop sea cliffs. La Jolla Cove has sweeping ocean views, and the Shell Beach tide pools are home to anemones and crabs. Posh boutiques and waterfront restaurants dot walkable La Jolla Village. 

Top Short Films: ‘Live To Sea’ – Surfing The Rugged Edges Of Sweden (Video)

A film by: Maceo Frost, Henning Sandström & Freddie Meadows

Produced by Freddie Meadows, Sand Film & Nuet film in collaboration with New-Land. Director of Photography: Henning Sandström

Live to Sea – A saga that follows Freddie Meadows on his tireless quest along the rugged edges of Sweden, in search of the region’s greatest waves; one of the final frontiers within surfing.

“This journey has been long and beautiful. A journey that I feel in many ways has just begun; the majority of which remains undocumented due to the mystical nature and spontaneity of the Baltic Sea. It was early autumn of 2019, I was anchored behind an island when the name Live to Sea came to mind. It was the perfect description of what I do, of what all of us surfers do in some way. Live to Sea is for anyone and everyone who feels connected to the ocean, sea or any waters. For me this film is a tribute to the missions and moments that went unseen. Most importantly it is a tribute to the magic of nature and the sea. “


New Aerial Travel Videos: ‘Incredible Bali’ (4K HD)

Incredible Bali in 4K (Ultra HD) Around the World Travel Film 2020 – Episode 1 – Bali Documentary.

Bali is an Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. The island is home to religious sites such as cliffside Uluwatu Temple. To the south, the beachside city of Kuta has lively bars, while Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua are popular resort towns. The island is also known for its yoga and meditation retreats.

New Travel Video: ‘Iceland – The Frozen Kingdom’

Filmed and Edited by: Morten Svane

I shot this in february of 2020 in Iceland, just before the pandemic started. We were on a job, but managed to get some time to shoot a bit for ourselves as well. We had planned 3 days of roadtripping in Iceland after the job, but we got hit by a snowstorm and got trapped in Seyðisfjörður for 3 days. When we finally got out and took a place back to Reykjavik, we only had a bit over 24 hours before we had to head home again. We got really lucky and experienced everything from heavy snowfall at Skógafoss to a beautiful sunset by the coast at Vik. It is not a lie when Icelanders say: “If you don’t like the weather in Iceland, just wait five minutes”.

The voiceover is by Andrea who is Icelandic and helped me find the poem as well. Thank you Andrea! The music is from Artlist and the film was edited and graded in DaVinci Resolve. You can follow me on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/morten.svane/

Future Of Ocean Living: ‘Lillyana’ – A Hydrophytic Model For Urban Design

LILLYANA : Architecture & Innovation for the Sea

Author : Arthur Seibert and Clemens Lindner
Nationality : German
Year : 2019
Location : Shanghaï, China

In the context of a rapidly increasing global population growth and the associated shortage of living space, alternative urban concepts in a marine environment are gaining importance under ecological and sustainable aspects. The concept- guideline “renaturation instead of soil sealing” is an effort to react on the challenges of current megatrends in the context of the sea. The underwater city structure is designed for up to 15,000 inhabitants in the vicinity of a large coastal city. “Lillyana” represents an ideal system that can be applied to various geographical and climatic conditions and their specific demands. The form is inspired by hydrophytes – plants that grow above and below the water and benefit from their environment. Through their biometric and biological mechanisms, the shape has been improved for energy efficiency, buoyancy and stability. Thus, the wind-, water- and solar energy production is directly embedded in the design language. The main challenge of this project was to develop a self-sufficient system that could also allow different forms of social life at the same time. To achieve this, we have tried to understand the factors that make an attractive city: “Living”, “working”, “mobility”, “supply” and “recreation” These fields of action provide the framework for our design: Therefore, a superior supply organ will be placed in the centre, from which radially arranged bridge systems will form connections to floating platforms. These are anchored beneath the seabed and represent the quarter centres. From the platforms, supply pipelines, on which various spheres are suspended, lead into the depths. They shift private, professional and social life below the water surface. High attractiveness, beneath as well as above the sea level, is achieved by providing well-located and spatially qualitative living and working areas with a recreation and leisure area, as well as an intelligent infrastructure via a pipeline network.

Descriptive of Author : Splendour of life beneath the surface: “Lillyana” – A hydrophytic model for urban design