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Morning News: On The Ground In Kyiv, Australia Floods, Grammar School

Our correspondent finds Ukraine’s capital already accustomed to an eerie war footing. People are getting married and playing music, even as medicine runs out and a new volunteer army braces for fighting.

Australia’s barely fathomable floods show freakish weather is becoming increasingly common there. And the case for reforming how grammar is taught.

Sunday Morning: News And Stories From London, Kyiv, St. Moritz & Bangkok

Monocle’s Emma Nelson and panellists cover the weekend’s defining stories, with check-ins from our editors and correspondents in Kyiv and Bangkok. Plus: Tyler Brûlé on the stories making headlines in continental Europe.

Aerial Travel: ‘Kiev’ – Capital Of Ukraine (Video)

Kyiv or Kiev is the capital and most populous city of Ukraine. It is in north-central Ukraine along the Dnieper River. Its population in July 2015 was 2,887,974, making Kyiv the seventh-most populous city in Europe. Kyiv is an important industrial, scientific, educational and cultural center of Eastern Europe.