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News: Finland-Sweden NATO Debate, Nagorno-Karabakh, An Aging Italy

Finland’s Nato dilemma: will the country go it alone without Sweden? Plus: the blockade of the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, Italy’s ‘silver tsunami’ and what does the 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index reveal about the state of the world?

Nordic Views: Reindeer In Northern Finland (CBS)

CBS Sunday Morning (December 2022) – We leave you this Sunday morning with reindeer in northern Finland, prepping for their big night! Videographer: David Cohen.

Northern Finland is the northernmost part of Finland. Administratively it comprises Finnish Lapland and the provinces of Kainuu and Northern Ostrobothnia. This region is very sparsely populated even for Finland – while it covers almost half of the country it has a population slightly larger than the city of Helsinki.

News: Griner Released In Swap, Finland And Sweden NATO Talks, Iowa Caucus

December 9, 2022 We ask if Russia is opening up to diplomatic negotiation. Plus, the Finnish defence minister’s visit to Turkey, a case for Iowa remaining first in the US primaries and the world reacts to Britain’s new coalmine.

News: U.S. Influence In Asia-Pacific, Sweden And Finland Push For NATO

As the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum kicks off, how is US influence in the region being received? Plus: Turkey’s Nato demands for Sweden as the country implements anti-terror measurements and Finland’s border-fence proposal.

Finland Views: The Streets & Cafes Of Old Porvoo (4K)

With medieval roots, Old Porvoo is known for its quaint, traditional red-painted wooden houses set along the Porvoonjoki River. Winding cobblestone streets are lined with shops and antique stores, along with charming cafes serving up slices of Runeberg torte. Walking and cycling are popular ways to get around, and tourist sites include the Porvoo Museum and the 13th-century Porvoo Cathedral.

Old Porvoo, with its red-ochre painted riverside warehouses, is one of the most photographed national landscapes in Finland and a steady favorite among travelers. Here you can admire the colorful wooden houses and stroll the winding cobbled streets – as if in a children’s story book.

Old Porvoos numerous award-winning restaurants, romantic hotels and B&B’s, cute cafes, quirky shops, chocolateries and boutiques invite you to stay for longer than just a day. Old Porvoo is also surrounded by a beautiful National Urban Park that stretches over the whole river valley. Porvoo is easy to reach from Helsinki by bus or by boat in the summer. 

News: Russia Launches ‘Reprisal Attacks’, Turkey Slows Sweden NATO Bid

Russia targets Zaporizhzhia with ‘kamikaze drones’. Plus: Turkey suggests Sweden and Finland join Nato separately, Afghanistan faces economic hardship under the Taliban and the latest theatre news.