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Reviews: The Business Of Formula 1 Racing (2023)

Financial Times (February 27, 2023) – F1 is undergoing a kind of revolution, with new rules, new tech, new teams, and new fans – boosted by the Netflix show Drive to Survive. Ahead of the first race of the season in Bahrain, the FT goes behind the scenes at the McLaren Technology Centre, where the team is competing to get their cars back to the front of the grid.


Morning News: Ukraine Grain Deal Missile Strike, Tunisia Vote, Formula 1

Missile strikes on the port of Odessa have dimmed hopes for a UN-brokered deal to get Ukraine’s grain on the move.

We ask what chances it may still have. Tunisia’s constitutional referendum looks destined to formalise a march back to the autocratic rule it shook off during the Arab Spring. And how Formula 1 is looking to crack America. 

Classics: A 1951 Ferrari 500 F2 Exhibited At Lake Como

Envisioned by Enzo Ferrari and driven to victory by Alberto Ascari, this modest Ferrari 500 F2 paved the way for Maranello’s racing glory. Once gifted by ‘Il Commendatore’ to the MAUTO museum in Turin, the iconic race car will star at this year’s FuoriConcorso Open Museum exhibition at Lake Como.

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