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English Estates: ‘Heath House’ – Staffordshire

Leave your wellies at the door. This 19th Century farm in rural Staffordshire looks less farm, more Downton Abbey. Sitting in a cool 404 acres of land, The Heath House Estate is palatial in all aspects (with not a stray chicken in sight).

It’s hard to know where to begin with a property of this magnitude. The main house (could we try the world ‘palace’?) is a spectacular Grade II-listed, Tudor Gothic mansion, designed and built by Thomas Johnson of Litchfield. With five reception rooms, 14 bedrooms, two flats and a service wing, you’re certainly not short on space.

The main house boasts tall, ornate ceilings, beautiful fireplaces and large, grand rooms, and is not hard to see why this property is listed due to its historical and architectural importance.

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Art: Experience ‘The Wine Harvest’ By 17th C. Flemish Painter David Teniers

Hear the voice of Downton Abbey star Jim Carter bring to life David Teniers’ monumental depiction of a 17th-century wine harvest. Immerse yourself in Teniers’ unrivalled talent for storytelling as we see grape harvesters unloading their bounty, coopers fixing up wine barrels, a wine merchant sealing a deal, and worse for wear villagers raising their glasses to the temple of Bacchus. Unseen in over a century, ‘The Wine Harvest’ is the finest work by Teniers to come to market in living memory.

David Teniers the Younger or David Teniers II was a Flemish Baroque painter, printmaker, draughtsman, miniaturist painter, staffage painter, copyist and art curator. He was an extremely versatile artist known for his prolific output. 

New Series Trailer: “The English Game” From “Downton Abbey” Creator Julian Fellowes (Mar 20)

From “Downton Abbey” creator and “Gosford Park” writer Julian Fellowes. Based on true events, this 19th century drama follows two footballers on opposite sides of a class divide who changed the game — and England — forever. The English Game arrives on Netflix March 20.

Top Interviews: “Downton Abbey” Movie Producer & Writer Julian Fellowes

From a Wall Street Journal article:

We asked Lord Fellowes about the servants and family members who made it to the movie. Here are edited excerpts:

Downton-Abbey-Movie-Posters 2“It’s a way of life that’s gone and I don’t think it’s a bad state that it’s gone. But realistically it must’ve been livable on a level by pretty well everyone involved or it wouldn’t have gone on for a thousand years.”

In what ways did you think it was essential for “Downtown Abbey” to be accurate?

I think if you try to get all the details right and you talk to enough people who remember that life—which there were when I was much younger—you can imbue it with a kind of reality that seems believable to people who maybe don’t know about that way of life and certainly may not approve of it, but when they watch it, they can see how it worked. They can understand how people lived like that. Whereas when you start to get all the details wrong, it doesn’t feel believable. It doesn’t feel truthful.

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