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Sports & Apparel: The History Of The “Nike Air Jordan” Basketball Shoes

Christie's Logo‘Michael Jordan’s tremendous impact on basketball and sneakers is universally acknowledged, and it can be easy to think there aren’t any new stories to add to the legend,’ says John McPheters, co-founder and CEO of Stadium Goods. ‘But as we’ve seen with The Last Dance and now with our Original Air auction at Christie’s, there are still lesser-known narratives in the legacy that create great interest.’

‘The shoes span art, pop culture and sports history,’


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Michael Jordan ended his first season as a professional basketball player with the Chicago Bulls by being crowned Rookie of the Year. It was the summer of 1985 and Jordan was soon to become one of the most recognised people on the planet.

The New York Times described his debut performance as ‘phenomenal’, and Sports Illustrated declared ‘A Star Is Born’ when he made the front cover.

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Podcast Interview: Founders Of “Vollebak” Outdoor Menswear On The Future Of Clothing


Shopping: Largest Online Secondhand Clothing Retailer “Thredup” Wins “Disruptor Of The Year”

From a RetailDive.com online article:

Retail Dive Awards 2019ThredUp, which sells brands ranging from American Eagle Outfitters to Burberry, may prove to be a beneficial partner to many retailers. A separate report from Accenture Strategy and Fashion For Good found that recommerce operating margin for the luxury, premium and mid-market sectors was 39%, 28% and 22%, respectively.


This year could be considered the year the circular economy really took hold, particularly the resale space, and a major force leading the charge was e-commerce ThredUP logoplatform ThredUp.

Resale grew 21 times faster than the apparel market over the past three years, by ThredUp’s own measures. The resale platform also projects the market to grow from $24 billion to $51 billion by 2023.

To read more: https://www.retaildive.com/news/disruptor-thredup-dive-awards/566185/

Classic Modern Brands: “London Sock Company” Offers “Dizzying Choice” Of Sartorial Style

From a Country Life UK online article:

London Sock Company colorsHaving established our Simply Sartorial collection that offers a rainbow of strong, confident colours – and which remains our best seller – we have taken a playful approach to patterns and textures. We have added jacquards, herringbones, merinos and cashmeres to the range.

Our view is that it’s the small things that make a big difference; we firmly believe that buying online can also be a luxurious experience, so we maintain the same approach to every aspect of what we do, from customer service to packaging in which your socks arrive.

London Sock Company

The London Sock Company was built on a belief that good socks can inspire confidence. Seriously. At LSC, we believe that pulling on a great pair of socks in the morning has the power to transform not just your style, but your state of mind. Our founders created this brand in 2013 to help modern gents embrace their personality and be inspired to be the best version of themselves.


Read more at: https://www.countrylife.co.uk/promoted/transformative-power-really-beautiful-pair-socks-207802#1M3tUaxwKFrgHOXH.99


Retail Trends: Patagonia Opens Up “Worn Wear” Pop-Up Store In Colorado

From a RetailDive.com online release:

Worn Wear Patagonia storesIn addition to the pop-up Worn Wear store, Patagonia also has Worn Wear mobile repair stations, which visit a variety of locations, including Patagonia stores, specialty retailers, ski resorts and colleges to offer up their refurbishment capabilities. The mobile stations have been to over 135 locations so far, according to the release, and will fix products from any brand.

Worn Wear Patagonia storesPatagonia on Thursday opened its first ever physical store for Worn Wear, Patagonia’s resale business. The store is a pop-up in Boulder, Colorado, which will stay open until February 2020, according to a press release emailed to Retail Dive.

The pop-up will be stocked with only Worn Wear products, as well as the outdoor retailer’s ReCrafted Collection, which sells clothes made from apparel that was beyond repair. In addition to selling used gear, the pop-up shop will host repair and upcycling workshops.

To read more: https://www.retaildive.com/news/patagonia-opens-first-worn-wear-store/567533/

Top Travel Accessories: PinFin’s “Alpha Jacket” Has Enough Pockets To “Replace A Backpack”

From a Yanko Design online review:

Alpha Jacket by PinFin (2)Alpha Jacket’s fabric is both stylish yet waterproof and wind-resistant, and its high-collar design and cut gives it the appeal of a casual blazer, but with reflective piping and a durable design that you can comfortably wear anywhere in the outdoors. Each jacket is armed with 8 pockets on the inside, for everything from your phone to your power-bank, keys, sunglasses, wallet, and even an iPad. Plus, a dedicated pouch for carrying a water-bladder to sip from while on the go. Pockets on the outside of the jacket find their place on the breast as well as the sleeve, secured with concealed YKK zippers that match the quality build of the rest of the jacket.

Alpha Jacket was built to truly support the often-traveler. Designed by Dan Truong and Linh Tran, a couple who endured a long-distance relationship and found themselves often traveling to meet each other, the Alpha Jacket sits at the intersection of “jacket that’s perfect for traveling” and “jacket I can step out for social events in”. For someone who finds themselves traveling often, the Alpha Jacket comes with a detachable hoodie that has a built-in neck pillow (you can choose between memory foam or microbeads) helping you get through long commutes, and for the alpha-human who wants to look their best, the jacket comes in a variety of four colors to choose from, with a cut that defines your silhouette just like a casual blazer would, but also gives you the advantage of storage so you don’t need to lug a backpack around with your stuff!


To read more: https://www.yankodesign.com/2019/11/13/this-urban-hoodie-packs-in-a-pillow-has-enough-space-so-you-can-ditch-your-backpack/

Classic Brands: Savile Row Tailor “Cad & The Dandy” Rolls Out Limited Edition Silk Pocket Square

Cad & The Dandy Illustration

From an October email update:


Our latest limited edition pocket square features one of the Cad Land Rover fleet – a 1981 Marine Blue, Series III, soft top Defender.

Designed by us and hand made in England, the 100% silk printed pocket features subtle hues of blue, grey and sand, classically finished with hand rolled edges.

Sitting equally well in a jacket top pocket or as a piece of art mounted in a simple frame, this pocket square is a guaranteed talking point.

The ideal gift for classic British design and motoring fans, available to pre order now.


The Future Of Clothing: “Element Pure” Uses 3D Scanning, AI Technology For Perfect-Fitting Shirts

From a YankoDesign.com online article:

Element Pure AI Body Scanning Tailoring Smartphone TechThe procedure is incredibly simple, and beats having to make an appointment with your tailor for hour-long fitting sessions and getting entangled in measuring tape. Element Pure’s AI tailor needs just two things from you. A front profile and side profile photograph, taken with a standard A4 sheet kept on the floor as reference. Using those two photographs, Element Pure can generate a 99% accurate 3D model of your torso, which the AI Tailor uses to take measurements. The result is a perfectly fitted shirt that’s been designed specifically for you. You can even pick between slim, regular, and relaxed fits, as well as choose your shirt length, depending in whether you wear your shirts tucked or untucked. The AI does the job in minutes that a tailor would take hours or even days to, with no propensity for error. The fitted, tailor-made shirt delivers to your doorstep, giving you the convenience of fast fashion, with the custom-fitting of something your tailor would make for you.

The fabrics used to craft Element Pure’s shirts are woven from eucalyptus pulp rather than cotton, resulting in clothes that keep you cool, resist odors, wrinkles, and are arguably more comfortable and breathable than cotton… even the Huffington Post agrees! The fabric, named TENCEL, is developed in Austria through the ethical farming of organic PEFC certified eucalyptus wood, in a non-toxic, renewable way.

To read more: https://www.yankodesign.com/2019/09/12/this-fashion-brand-uses-a-i-and-3d-scanning-to-tailor-clothes-to-perfectly-fit-your-body/