Glassware Of The Future: Floating Glass Tea-Brewer & Cups From Molo Design

From a Yanko Design online article:

Molo Design Float Tea Lantern GlasswareMolo’s Float Tea Lantern presents an absolutely new way of brewing and consuming tea that’s still steeped in tradition. The brewer features a double-wall construction, with enough space below the inner vessel for a tea-light candle to help keep your brew warm. A perforated glass chamber sits atop the ‘kettle’, allowing you to brew green tea as it filters through into the kettle, being heated to consumption temperature by the candle. The double-wall construction proves handy here, allowing you to lift and serve the vessel without feeling its heat, as the outer wall stays conveniently insulated against high temperatures thanks to a constriction in the middle of the kettle’s design.

To read more click on following link:


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