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Health & Design: The New “Touchless Products” To Limit Spread Of Germs

The importance of touchless bathroom and kitchen products during the coronavirus pandemic is highlighted in this video interview with Patrick Speck from Grohe, as part of the brands takeover of Virtual Design Festival Today.

Speck is the the vice president of design consumer experience for the EMENA region of Japanese water technology brand Lixil, which is the parent company of bathroom and kitchen brand Grohe. Speck told Dezeen that following the coronavirus pandemic, the brand has seen an increased demand for products that limit the spread of germs and diseases.

“With the increased demand for hygiene we’re having right now, we know that to minimise the risk of spreading germs and also cross contamination, we need to reduce contact with any surface as much as we can,” Speck explained in the video. According to Speck, the solution could be touchless products such as faucets and toilets that rely on sensor technology.

Read more on Dezeen: http://www.dezeen.com/vdf

New Kitchen Innovations: Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker (GrowlerWerks)

From an IndieGoGo.com website:

The first integrated nitro cold brew coffee maker and dispenser for the perfect at-home experience. The nitro cold brew is good for at least 2 weeks and ready to pour at any time. Adjust the pressure as you see fit to maintain the best level of Nitro infusion for you.

uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker features

Website: https://www.growlerwerks.com/

Kitchenware Of The Future: “DuoPot” By That! Inventions Brews Both Coffee And Tea Stylishly

From a ThatInventions.com online posting:

That! Duo Pot for Tea and Coffee PhotoThe DuoPot’s premium glass body, pure and clear, is a new kind of visual sensation, while the clean chiseled stainless steel inside exudes sophistication and chic.  Together, they emanate a quiet beauty that incites love at first sight.  But the flippable filter design is really what all the raving is about, with its ability to brew coffee or tea with a simple twist of the wrist!  No more hassles with switching your drinking apparatus.  No more headaches with finding yet more storage space!  Delight your life with ingenuous design and lose yourself in the joy of making that perfect cup.

That! Duo Pot for Tea and Coffee Photo

THAT! Inventions, the kitchenware company that consistently amazes, recently introduced yet another pleasant surprise: a glass pot that brews coffee… and tea!  With an elegant, clever design that beguiles and delights, it brings a brand new level of convenience and fun to anyone who love both coffee and tea.

To read more click on the following link: https://www.thatinventions.com/blogs/news/that-duopot-enjoy-a-life-on-the-flip-side-where-you-can-have-it-both-ways

Glassware Of The Future: Floating Glass Tea-Brewer & Cups From Molo Design

From a Yanko Design online article:

Molo Design Float Tea Lantern GlasswareMolo’s Float Tea Lantern presents an absolutely new way of brewing and consuming tea that’s still steeped in tradition. The brewer features a double-wall construction, with enough space below the inner vessel for a tea-light candle to help keep your brew warm. A perforated glass chamber sits atop the ‘kettle’, allowing you to brew green tea as it filters through into the kettle, being heated to consumption temperature by the candle. The double-wall construction proves handy here, allowing you to lift and serve the vessel without feeling its heat, as the outer wall stays conveniently insulated against high temperatures thanks to a constriction in the middle of the kettle’s design. 


To read more click on following link: https://www.yankodesign.com/2019/08/02/molos-floating-glass-tea-brewer-is-a-fusion-of-culture-and-future/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+yankodesign+%28Yanko+Design+-+Form+Beyond+Function%29