NYC Food Culture: MoMA Architecture And Design Expert Paul Galloway On Top Places To Eat & Enjoy

From magazine (Illustrations by Jennifer Tobias) article:

Joes Shanghai Restaurant Illustration by Jennifer Tobias MOMA 2019Paul Galloway is the collection specialist in Architecture and Design. He seems to know something about almost everything you could imagine in his field, whether posters, buildings, or chairs. And he’s always hungry. After years of careful lunch hour research, he’s put together what he calls his “peckish peregrinations”—easy and delicious spots around Midtown Manhattan to grab a good bite and eat outdoors. For a complete experience, we recommend pairing these spots with our Staff Picks for art around midtown.

Top Food Carts in NYC from MoMA article 2019

The Halal Guys by Illustrations by Jennifer Tobias MOMA 2019


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Retirement Surveys: Most Retirees Experience Consistent Or Increased Happiness As They Spend Time With Friends, On Hobbies Or Travelling

“Retirees are far more likely to cite positive attitudes and experiences than negative. Most retirees agree that they “are generally happy people” (91 percent), “have a close relationship with family and/or friends” (90 percent), and
“are confident in their ability to manage their finances” (88 percent). In contrast, relatively few retirees are finding that “everyday activities are becoming difficult” (28 percent), “having trouble making ends meet” (26 percent), and “often feel anxious and depressed” (20 percent).”

(From Transamerica  Center for Retirement Studies)

Retirees Enjoyment of Life Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies

Since entering retirement, 40 percent of retirees indicate that their enjoyment of life has “increased,” 39 percent say it has “stayed the same.” Nineteen percent of retirees say their enjoyment of life has “decreased” since they retired.

How Retirees Spend Their Time Transamerica Center For Retirement Studies

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Top New Short Films: “Leonardo Da Vinci – A Man In Motion” Celebrates 500th Anniversary Of Artist’s Death (Trailer)

“The Vitruvian man”, the bicycle, Mona Lisa, the perspective, the “Last Supper” …
How could the same man create in one life, 500 years ago, so many things and lay the foundations of modern times?
In 2019 the 500th anniversary of the death of the Renaissance genius, Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), will be marked all over the world.
Eve Ramboz and Nathalie Plicot, the directors of the film “Hieronymus Bosch, the Devil with angel’s wings”, selected and acclaimed at the FIFA (International Festival of Films on Art), have decided to pay homage to this 15th century genius, shed light on his life and revisit his genius though a wholly original visual adventure, using animations of codex. Special effects will be used to bring Leonardo’s sketches, designs and notes to life. The film will navigate between documentary sections – with filming in Italy between Florence, Roma and Milan -, interviews with art historians who will shed light on the immensity of his genius and animations.