Wine Reviews: Sicilian Whites That Are Great For Summer Enjoyment

From Wall Street Journal article written by Lettie Teague:

Wall Street Journal Sicily White Wines Illustrated by Sergiy Maidukov 2019

ON MY FIRST TRIP to Sicily about 12 years ago, I had lunch at a restaurant in Palermo. The wine list featured two choices: Corvo Rosso and Corvo Bianco, the same two Sicilian options then found in most American restaurants and stores. Fast-forward a few years and now complex, serious Sicilian reds abound on both sides of the Atlantic—while Sicilian whites are still largely unknown.

Even savvy oenophiles like my friends Eberhard and Paulette aren’t familiar with these island wines. When we got together for dinner a few weeks ago and I suggested ordering a white wine from Mt. Etna, they were clearly skeptical. “It’s a lot like Chablis,” I said reassuringly.

Top Picks:

Wall Street Journal Sicily White Wines Photo by F. Martin Ramin for WSJ

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Leisure Technology: The Fuell Fluid Electric Bike Has A Over 120 Mile Range

From an article:

Fluid Electric Bike specsThat 200 kilometers estimated travel range is accomplished through the use of two 504Wh batteries for a total capacity of 1008Wh, which are seamlessly integrated into the FUELL FLUID’s durable and sturdy custom-aluminum-alloy frame. The batteries are easy to remove and simple to charge, reaching 80% of its charge within 2.5 hours and a full charge at 5. 

Electric Vehicles are generating a lot of hype right now and for good reason.

They’re zippy,  environmentally friendly, have decent travel ranges, and can be easily plugged in and recharged overnight at home. So it’s no surprise why Electric Vehicles over the last decade have become increasingly popular and sought after way to travel and commute.

Fluid Electric Bike 2

As the popularity of electric transportation soars, companies find new and innovative ways to ensure that the batteries powering them become more efficient, lightweight and compact. In fact, battery technology has progressed to the point where batteries capable of powering motors can be fitted onto bicycles, and that’s where the FUELL Fluid E-Bike comes in.

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Outdoor Adventures: “Tales From The Deep – Diver And Author Bill Streever On Underwater Exploration” (NPR)

From NPR podcasts:

With host Jane Clayson. There’s a whole new world to explore below the surface. Deep sea diver and author of “In Oceans Deep” Bill Streever joins us to tell deep sea tales of wonders, mysteries and dangers that lurk beneath the waves.

In Oceans Deep Bill Streever


Politics: Biden, Harris And Warren Lead Rivals Ahead Of 2nd Debates July 30-31

From com article by Nate Silver:

FiveThirtyEight Politics July 10 2019 Democratic Candidates

Biden, Harris and Warren represent three relatively distinct, but fairly traditional, archetypes for party nominees:

  • Biden, as a former vice president, is a “next-in-line” candidate who is rather explicitly promising to perpetuate the legacy of President Obama and uphold the party’s current agenda. It might not be exciting, but these candidates have pretty good track records.
  • Harris is a coalition-builder who would hope to unite the different factions of the party — black, white, left, liberal, moderate, etc. — as a consensus choice.
  • Warren is offering more red meat (or should it be blue meat?) and would represent more of a leftward transformation from the status quo. But she’s simpatico enough with party elites and has broad enough appeal that she isn’t necessarily a factional candidate in the way that Sanders is. Instead, a better analogy for Warren might be Ronald Reagan; they are not comparable in terms of their backgrounds or their political styles, but they are both candidates who straddle the boundary between the ideological wings of their party and the party establishment.

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A Midsummer Overview Of The Democratic Field

Top New Travel Videos: “A Taste Of Taiwan II” In 4K Timelapse By Firstlapse

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Henrik Matzen and Jonas Hoholt

We are proud to welcome you to Taiwan – The Heart of Asia – through our latest time- and hyperlapse film, officially made as a Taiwan travel video for Taiwan Tourism and EVA Air.

A First Taste of Taiwan II by Firstlapse

“A Taste of Taiwan II” is made with love and passion throughout 1 year of Henrik travelling back and forth several times between Denmark and Taiwan to shoot, and finally peaking in April 2019 when Jonas went to Taiwan for the first time together with Henrik for 10 days to shoot the final scenes together. In total more than 100.000 photos was shot from various locations all over Taiwan during a period of 12 months, and was finally cherry picked and narrowed down to this final short film, which consists of more than 25.000 photos in their original full length sequences to make this Taiwan travel video.

Music tailored and composed by: Joona Lätti

Watch first film below: