Retirement Surveys: Most Retirees Experience Consistent Or Increased Happiness As They Spend Time With Friends, On Hobbies Or Travelling

“Retirees are far more likely to cite positive attitudes and experiences than negative. Most retirees agree that they “are generally happy people” (91 percent), “have a close relationship with family and/or friends” (90 percent), and
“are confident in their ability to manage their finances” (88 percent). In contrast, relatively few retirees are finding that “everyday activities are becoming difficult” (28 percent), “having trouble making ends meet” (26 percent), and “often feel anxious and depressed” (20 percent).”

(From Transamerica  Center for Retirement Studies)

Retirees Enjoyment of Life Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies

Since entering retirement, 40 percent of retirees indicate that their enjoyment of life has “increased,” 39 percent say it has “stayed the same.” Nineteen percent of retirees say their enjoyment of life has “decreased” since they retired.

How Retirees Spend Their Time Transamerica Center For Retirement Studies

To read entire survey click link below:

Click to access tcrs2018_sr_retirees_survey_financially_faring.pdf

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