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Previews: The New Yorker Magazine – June 27, 2022

Victoria Tentler-Krylov’s “Sidewalk Connoisseurs”

The artist discusses urban spaces and classic Russian children’s books.

New York may be a city where a person can, for the amount one might reasonably expect to pay for a month’s rent in many parts of this country, partake in an hours-long omakase experience featuring toro topped with osetra caviar and uni served with white truffle. Its temples of art may house some of the most renowned—and well-insured—art in the world. But it is also a city that embraces the epicure of the hot dog and the patron of the sidewalk artist. I recently spoke to this week’s cover artist, Victoria Tentler-Krylov, about city planning and sketching people on the subway.

Previews: The New Yorker Magazine – May 16, 2022

The Magazine – May 16, 2022

This week’s cover, by the designer Frank Viva, is a colorful, lyrical springtime ode to the pleasures of biking. We spoke to Viva about his love affair with cycling, his island retreat, and learning to prioritize what matters.

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Front Covers: Romeing Magazine – April 2022

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