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Preview: The Economist Magazine – Nov 26, 2022

Frozen out

The Economist – November 26, 2022 issue:

Europe faces an enduring crisis of energy and geopolitics

This will weaken it and threaten its global position

Disney brings back a star of the past. But its real problem is the script

Hollywood is suffering from the brutal economics of streaming

Russian “offshore journalists” need help, not hindrance

Europe should let them do their jobs

Stories: European Energy Crisis, Poland-U.S. Nuclear Weapons, Iran Protests

The energy crisis in Europe continues. Plus: Poland suggests hosting US nuclear weapons, the international community responds to protests in Iran and do we still consider books good value for money?

Opinion: Death Of Queen Ends Era, Bolsonaro’s Threat, EU Energy Crisis

A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week, the death of Elizabeth II marks the end of an era. Also, why Jair Bolsonaro poses a threat to Brazilian democracy (11:15), and Europe’s energy market in crisis (19:12).