Design: Bunker House In Gerringong, Australia

Representing a built legacy, Bunker House pays homage to the 18 years that Neil Hipwell – Director of Futureflip – has spent in the construction industry. Crafted by Futureflip itself, the oceanfront super house is a proud expression of design capability, created to last over 100 years.

Video timeline: 00:00 – Introduction to Bunker House 00:29 – Introduction To The Owners & Designers 00:40 – The Location of Bunker House 01:09 – Futureflips Concrete Obsession 01:27 – Bringing In The Natural Light 02:00 – Built to Stand for 100 Years 02:20 – A Partially Underground Home 02:46 – Softening The House Through Landscaping 03:12 – The Furniture Selection Process 03:34 – A House Built for Hosting 03:57 – Focusing On The Outdoor Space 04:27 – Building A Legacy

Located in the Syndey surf town of Gerringong, Bunker House celebrates a concrete materiality, the signature base of a Futureflip project. Textural additions of creeping rosemary and Casuarina glauca visually soften the façade of the oceanfront super house whilst adjacent dragon trees, pandanus trees and cacti connect the garden landscape with its masculine character.

With much of its bulk tucked into its site, Bunker House champions the values of endurance and sustainability. Underground, the thermal climate of the oceanfront super house is controlled by the earth temperature, rendering artificial heating and cooling unnecessary. In the outdoor space, durable King furniture is employed to provide comfort whilst withstanding the harsh waterfront conditions.

The interior design of Bunker House presents a welcoming iteration of the raw aesthetic. King furniture pieces complement the built foundation of the oceanfront super house with neutral tones and pleasant tactility. Recycled messmate custom joinery – applied to the kitchens and bedrooms – balances the exposed concrete envelope with a sense of warmth.

Justifying the Futureflip devotion to concrete, Bunker House embodies a sense of timelessness, combining sustainability with compelling architecture. Clearly legible as a work of mindful craft, the oceanfront super house inspires onlookers to reimagine the application of raw materials.

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