2020 Beverage Trends: Expect New Omega-3, More Probiotic & Lacrose-Free, & Less Juice-Based Drinks

From an Imbibeinc.com online release:

2020 Beverage Trend Predictions Imbibe Drink TankOmega-3s have a variety of health benefits that consumers want. Consuming omega-3s is suggested to help fight against depression, anxiety, mental decline and heart disease as well as promote brain health during early child development. Expect several omega-3 enhanced beverages in 2020.

Many consumers are reducing their intake of beverages once lauded for having nutrient benefits like orange juice and dairy milk, so there’s a lot of opportunity for brands to fortify products with vitamins and minerals. Expect to see beverages fortified with zinc, calcium, potassium, sodium, and vitamins B-12, C, and D.

Awareness about the advantages of a healthy microbiome for overall health has increased significantly over the last decade. Since prebiotics and probiotics both play an important role in maintaining a healthy gut, expect several launches of synbiotic beverages (i.e. have prebiotics and probiotics).

To read more: https://imbibeinc.com/food-and-beverage-industry-media/blog-postings-from-the-drink-tank/trendspotting-2020-trend-predictions

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