Healthcare Update: Health-Professions Students And Workers Are “Exhausted And Sick”

From a Scientific American online article:

Scientific American - Getty ImagesHealth care is a big business, and our system reimburses hospitals and health care workers for caring for the sickest people rather than healthiest ones. This process depletes healers’ energy and often causes them to become exhausted and sick. That means all of us who work in or study to work in health care are at risk. To break this vicious cycle, we need self-scrutiny and willingness to change.

Health-professions students and workers live in chronically stressful environments—responsible for an increasingly sick population, which they are expected to repeatedly rescue from failure. To heal others, our health care professionals need healing themselves.

American medical students, physicians and nurses: There’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that our health care system and many of its workers are sick. The good news is that we can heal them. We should waste no time in starting.

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