Landmark Restaurants: Frank Fat’s Has Served Sacramento Politicians Great Food For 80 Years

From a article and Frank Fat’s website:

Frank Fat's 1939 - 2019Walk into Frank Fat’s and you’ll find people today of all political stripes, with a love for authentic Chinese food — cuisine that attracted politicians like former Gov. Jerry Brown. As a bachelor governor in the 1970s, he loved to hang out in the kitchen at closing time, where he might find a free meal, according to California State Librarian Greg Lucas.

It’s not often that a restaurant celebrates its 80th anniversary. It’s even more uncommon when that restaurant happens to be a political landmark. But in August of 2019, the city’s oldest eatery, Frank Fat’s, will celebrate eight decades of business.  A short walk from the Capitol, Fat’s established itself from the beginning in 1939 as a place where politicians could meet with colleagues and discuss business, as well as enjoy a bite to eat and have a nice conversation. Frank Fat was known for a simple mantra: You give people good food, a nice place to eat it in and make them happy. Pretty simple, really.

Frank Fat's Logo

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