Culture: France-Amérique Magazine – February 2023

February 2023 - France-Amérique

France-Amérique – February 2023 Issue:

W.E.B. DU BOIS IN PARIS – An Exhibition against Racist Clichés

In 1900, the prominent sociologist worked with the Paris Exposition Universelle to showcase the newfound freedom and rapid progress of Black Americans. But Belle Epoque France was more interested in colonial expansion than social emancipation – which is the focus of an exhibition currently on display at the Cooper Hewitt in New York City.

FRENCH FOUNDERS – A Revolutionary Entrepreneur Network

Founded in New York City in 2014 by two expats, FrenchFounders drew its inspiration from the start-up model and is now shaking up communities of entrepreneurs living abroad. This new approach has since won over more than 4,000 members across the world.

L’AMOUR À LA FRANÇAISE vs. American Romance

Do we seduce each other in the same ways on both sides of the Atlantic? Are Americans prudish? Are the French more unfaithful? And how easy is it to be in a binational relationship? For Valentine’s Day, these questions are all answered by Bérénice Boursier-Baudouin, a Florida-based French psychotherapist.

Table of contents

  • FROM THE NEWSDESK – Bis Repetita: Another Attempt at Pension Reform in France. By Anthony Bulger
  • COME ON OUT – French Cultural Events in North America. By Tracy Kendrick
  • EDITORIAL – Woke, a Fashionable Dance. By Guy Sorman
  • INTERVIEW – Olivier Zunz: “Tocqueville Believed That Democracy Is a Constant Struggle.” By Guy Sorman
  • THE OBSERVER – Celebrating 60 Years of the Barbie Doll in France. By Anthony Bulger

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