Walking Tour: Island Of Murano In Venice, Italy

January 30, 2023: Murano Island – a Glassmaker’s Paradise since 1291, is a tiny Venetian island and home to Venice’s glassmaking industry. Murano glass production was moved to this Island from the main island of Venice because its production posed quite a fire hazard (Note: the buildings in Venice were constructed mostly of wood at that time and the extreme heat that is required to make glass liquid so as to mold and shape it obviously caused the Venetians some concern).

Video timeline: 0:00:00​ – Intro 0:01:06 – MURANO MUSEO 0:01:52​ – RIVA LONGA 0:04:25​ – PONTE LONGO LINO TOFFOLO 0:05:46​ – FONDAMENTA DA MULA 0:07:04​ – PONTE SAN PIETRO MARTIRE 0:07:58 – FONDAMENTA MANIN 0:09:40​ – CALLE BRESSAGIO 0:10:09​ – CALLE BRIATI 0:12:15 – FONDAMENTA PIAVE F. M. 0:13:15​ – FARO DI MURANO 0:13:49​ – CALLE BRESSAGIO 0:15:05​ – FONDAMENTA MANIN 0:15:42​ – PONTE DI MEZO 0:16:04​ – FONDAMENTA DEI VETRAI 0:17:11​ – PONTE S.CHIARA 0:18:03​ – PIAZZALE CALLE COLONNA

Soon enough, Murano Island became quite a hot spot for Venetian glass production indeed. Glassmaking has quite an exalted tradition in Venice. It is an art form, after all. In the 14th century, the daughters of Murano’s biggest glassmaking families were allowed to marry Venetian noblemen.

Filmed and edited by: EpicCityWalk

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