Creative Artists: Fabian Oefner Slices Vintage Cameras, “Reassembles Images Into New Compositions” (2019)

From website

Studio Oefner - CutUp 2019 SculptureCutUp is closely linked to Oefner`s  process of destruction and reassembly, that he previously used to create two-dimensional works like the Disintegrating or the Explosion Collage photographs. Rather than seeing destruction as something negative, the artist uses this process to break objects and images down into smaller pieces and reassembles them into new compositions, enhanced in both form, meaning and function from the original pieces.

Oefner deliberately selected still and video cameras to slice apart. This is an allusion to his earlier photographic work, where the image made with the camera is the “art” and the camera itself is merely a tool. For this series, the tool is transformed into a piece of art. It is at the same time a deconstruction of the technology of image capturing, revealing the beauty underneath the surface of these objects.

The series currently consists of 6 sculptures and will be expanded into many more in the future.

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