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News Headlines: Ukraine Offensive Gains In East As Economy Steadies, Netflix

A.M. Edition for Sept. 12. Ukraine’s military forces have had a spate of successes over Russia in recent weeks, reclaiming huge swaths of the Eastern front. But the country’s also gaining economic momentum.

Earlier in the war, some predicted Ukraine’s economy would contract by as much as 50%. Now this year’s GDP is only expected to be 30% below last year’s. WSJ’s Marcus Walker says that thanks in part to Ukrainian businesses and the government in Kyiv, which have found ways to adapt. Luke Vargas hosts.

Headlines: Russia-Ukraine War At 6 Months, Student Debt Cancellation Plan

A.M. Edition for Aug. 24. After six months of war in Ukraine, battlefield momentum is tilting against Russia even as the conflict shows few signs of slowing.

WSJ reporter Marcus Walker and Moscow bureau chief Ann Simmons explain how officials in Kyiv and Moscow view the current state of war and their respective paths to victory. Luke Vargas hosts.

News: U.S.-Taiwan Trade Talks, Ukraine Strikes Back At Russia In Crimea

A.M. Edition for Aug. 18. Recent explosions at a Russian air base and an ammunition depot in Crimea have made the Russian-occupied peninsula the latest battleground in the Ukraine war.

WSJ European security correspondent James Marson explains what the attacks signal about Ukraine’s capabilities and Russia’s ability to fight the war in southern Ukraine. 

Morning News: World Food Insecurity, Horn Of Africa, Rise Of U.S. Dollar

A.M. Edition for July 14. The World Food Program says higher food and fuel costs, due in part to the war in Ukraine, have pushed an additional 47 million people into food insecurity since March.

WSJ Africa deputy bureau chief Gabriele Steinhauser discusses the impact in the Horn of Africa. Plus, a look at what is behind the strength of the U.S. dollar against the euro and the yen. Annmarie Fertoli hosts.