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Views: Dog Sledding In Kiruna, Sweden (Video)

I am Swedish girl living in Stockholm. This time I went to Swedish Lapland with my partner. We had a dog sledding activity! It was quite fun and romantic. Sweden sverige stockholm walk walking in winter sunset snowfall snö nordic country virtual kiruna abisko dog sledding husky.

Kiruna is a town in the far north of Swedish Lapland. It’s known for the huge LKAB iron ore mine and its underground visitors center with an exhibit on mining. Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården, the 19th-century former home of LKAB’s first managing director, is now a museum with a courtyard photography exhibit. Kiruna Church is notable for its bell tower and resemblance to the traditional huts of the indigenous Sámi people. 

Views: ‘Octola Lodge & Private Wilderness’ In Lapland, Finland (Video)

The Most Exclusive Lodge In Lapland

Having hunted for the right place to accommodate the discerning guests of our Luxury Action travel company, I eventually realized the the right property did not exists in the right location. That’s when I decided the only option was to build our very own log chalet. Traditionally, we have managed or rented private chalets in various locations around Lapland, then refurnished them to meet the individual standards of our guests.

As fun and instructive this concept has been, implementing interior design on a one-by-one basis is costly and time consuming. In addition, regardless of our efforts to upgrade the existing chalets in Lapland, although of excellent quality, tend to have very small rooms and only a few properties have en-suite bedrooms with shower and toilet. I felt it was time for a revolutionary change to provide exclusive accommodation in the Arctic that meets the needs of our experiential guests.

Adventure: ‘Helicamping In The Lapland Wilderness’ In Sweden (Travel Video)

A Short by Viggo Lundberg & Tobias Hägg

After many visits to Swedish Lapland my love for the area just keeps on growing, there is few places on earth where I feel so at home.

I have done many helicopter flights in these regions of Swedish Lapland, mostly for photography. Everytime i pass certain areas it just takes my breath away and i’ve always wondered what it would be like down there. So i decided to try to reach it . Unfortunately it’s not so easy to reach by foot so we went Helicamping and we spent an unforgettable evening out in Rittak, Swedish Lapland.

Lappland, often anglicised as Lapland, is a province in northernmost Sweden. It borders Jämtland, Ångermanland, Västerbotten, Norrbotten, Norway and Finland. Nearly a quarter of Sweden’s land area is in Lappland. Lappland originally extended eastward.


Travel: ‘The Polar Night’, Lapland, Finland (Video)

Filmed and Edited by: Timo Oksanen

We spent the darkest week of the year – the Christmas week – up North in Lapland admiring the snowy sceneries and making the most out of the little daylight we got each day. As it was the polar night, the sun didn’t rise at all.

00:01 Kilpisjärvi, Enontekiö
02:54 Kuttanen, Enontekiö
05:05 Paljasselkä, Hetta, Enontekiö
05:26 Jyppyrä, Hetta, Enontekiö
05:55 Kuertunturi, Äkäslompolo, Kolari
07:25 Levi, Kittilä
07:48 Kuttanen, Enontekiö

“Winter Wonderland” by 4T Thieves is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

New Aerial Travel Videos: ‘Kilpisjärvi, Northwest Finland’ Autumn Colors

Filmed and Edited by: Timo Oksanen

On September 15th 2020 I did a brief visit to Kilpisjärvi, which is the northwesternmost point of Finland in the municipality of Enontekiö. Autumn colours were at their very best and gave me a good opportunity to test the IBIS of my new Canon EOS R6 with RF 15-35mm f/2.8L. Drone footage shot with DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

Music: Michael Shynes – Return to the Wild

Kilpisjärvi is a village in the municipality of Enontekiö, Lapland, Finland. It is located in Finland’s northern “arm” near the very northwesternmost point of Finland. Although Kilpisjärvi is one of the largest villages in Enontekiö, it is still quite small. In 2000 its population was recorded as 114.

Top New Travel Videos: “Feel The North” In Norway By Gilles Havet

Filmed & Edited by: Gilles Havet

Feel the North, that was the goal of vacation with our children. Discover amazing landscapes like only Norway can offer. In addition to crossing it from the south of the latitude of 58 ° N to 79 ° N of Svalbard, we wanted to live this experience in summer and in winter and discover these 2 very contrasting facets that are the midnight sun and the polar night. . I take you along with us to explore the fjords, the glaciers, the Vega archipelago, the Lofoten, Senja, Lapland and Svalbard islands, hoping to make you feel this exceptional nature.

Feel The North Travel Video in Norway by Gilles Havet January 1 2020

Music by: Luke Atencio (“Long Distance”) and David A. Molina (“Monarch”)

Contact : gilleshavet-visuals.com