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Special Report: ‘The Car Industry – A Difficult New World’ (The Economist)

Special reports: A difficult new world

The Economist – Special Reports (April 22, 2023): Everything about carmaking is changing at once. The industry must reinvent itself to keep pace, says Simon Wright

Everything about carmaking is changing at once

The car industry

The industry must reinvent itself to keep pace, says Simon Wright


The future lies with electric vehicles

The car industry is electrifying rapidly and irrevocably


Special Report: Insert Coin – The Rise Of Video Gaming


The Economist – Special Reports (March 25, 2023)

Ready, player four billion: the rise of video games

As video games move from teenage distraction to universal pastime they are following the path of other mass media, says Tom Wainwright

Battles over streaming break out for video games

Streaming subscriptions have revolutionised music and television. What will they do to games?

Games: The Scandinavian Zen Of The “Townscaper” Video “Toy” App (CityLab)

BLOOMBERG CITYLAB (JULY 23, 2020) – Users say they enjoy Townscaper’s calm ambiance, with no background music apart from the occasional plips and plops of material falling into the digital ocean, and they derive particular pleasure from the simple mechanics of the game — left click: you build something, right click: you destroy it.

Townscaper gameplay

When Oskar Stalberg announced the release of Townscaper a few weeks ago, he made a point of calling it a “toy” rather than a video game — because it has no goal apart from the sheer enjoyment and satisfaction you get from seeing a pretty town rising from the sea as you click.

Townscaper Website

Even though Stalberg had figured people would enjoy his creation, he hadn’t predicted the following it would gain among both designers and game developers — and what they would create with it. So far, the $5.99 game has been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews (more than 2,600 versus 35 negative ones).

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Art Of Gaming: Designer Alexandra Llewellyn’s “Beautifully Original” Backgammon Sets

Launched in 2010, Alexandra Llewellyn is known for creating original and Alexandra Llewellyn Backgammon Collectionbeautifully handcrafted backgammon sets, luxury games and bespoke furniture. Her designs are both games and objets d’art.

The seed was sown when Alexandra played a game of backgammon in Cairo as a child. Her opponent was ten times her age and although they had nothing in common, they were able to communicate through their shared love of the game.

Alexandra Llewellyn Backgammon Collection

Seen in some of the most exclusive locations, Alexandra’s timeless designs are played all over the world. Her creations are owned and commissioned by Royalty and VIPs including Richard Branson, Sony Music, Elle Macpherson and American Vogue.

Alexandra Llewellyn Profile
Alexandra Llewellyn

A collection of Alexandra’s signature handmade games are available online including some of her collaborations with icons such as Terry O’Neil, Alice Temperley and the estate of Milton H. Green. For the ultimate bespoke gift, Alexandra will work with you, guiding you through ideas and memories to create a one-of-a-kind  specially commissioned game.

I am forever inspired by how games bring us together and the conversations that ensue. Time is now our greatest luxury and games create a space in which we can enjoy time with our loved ones” says Alexandra.

Alexandra’s work has been published and talked about in publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, How to Spend It, Robb Report, Harper Bazaar, AD, Time Luxx, Telegraph Luxury, Tatler, Country& Town House, and Homes and Gardens.


Travel Technology: “HipCamp” Website Offers More Than 300,000 Campsites Nearest You


By the numbers, Hipcamp is impressive. With more than 300,000 sites available, it claims to be the largest resource of its kind in the United States. That number includes public park campsites and private campgrounds, making it easy to zero in on the site that fits your needs. Most impressive are the niche options available for specific types of camping. Hipcamp curates lists for lake camping, beach camping, pet-friendly campsites, and glamping (glamour camping) options. Like Airbnb, many of Hipcamp’s sites are unique and destination-worthy in their own right like this off-grid tiny cabin in Oregon, California’s The Sanctuary Treehouse, and this rustic campsite on a vineyard in Minnesota. 


Hip Camp 9 Easy Steps for Building an RV-Friendly campsite

To read more click on following link: https://www.themanual.com/travel/hipcamp-app-camping-booking/

Famous Chess Sets In History Featured In Apollo Magazine

“The game of chess is believed to have originated in India, before spreading via Iran into Arab countries and from there to Europe. The nexus of the Islamic world is the focus of Deborah Freeman Fahid’s fascinating catalogue of chess and other games pieces from the private al-Sabah collection in Kuwait, published by Thames & Hudson last year. At the heart of the collection is a group of rock-crystal pieces, believed to have been made in Egypt, Iraq or eastern Iran sometime around the 9th century, and deposited in the late 11th century in a monastery in Àger in Catalonia.”

From Apollo Magazine (June 25, 2019 Issue)

Famous Chess Sets in History Apollo Magazine 2019

To read the article in Apollo Magazine, click link below:


A-Lewis-Chessman_14 (1)
A Lewis chessman (a warder), walrus ivory, Sotheby’s London (estimate £600,000–£1m). Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Sotheby’s