Top New Science Books: ‘Oceans Under Glass’ By Samantha Muka (Dec ’22)

Oceans under Glass

Oceans under Glass – Tank Craft and the Sciences of the Sea

By Samantha Muka

Aquarist knowledge is an often overlooked but vital part of marine research

A welcome dive into the world of aquarium craft that offers much-needed knowledge about undersea environments.

The art of aquarium science

Atlantic coral is rapidly disappearing in the wild. To save the species, they will have to be reproduced quickly in captivity, and so for the last decade conservationists have been at work trying to preserve their lingering numbers and figure out how to rebuild once-thriving coral reefs from a few survivors. Captive environments, built in dedicated aquariums, offer some hope for these corals. This book examines these specialized tanks, charting the development of tank craft throughout the twentieth century to better understand how aquarium modeling has enhanced our knowledge of the marine environment.

Science Magazine – December 22, 2022

Image showing first page of PDF


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