Front Page: The New York Times – November 13, 2022


Democrats Hold the Senate, as Cortez Masto Ekes Out a Victory in Nevada

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto defeated Adam Laxalt, the state’s former attorney general. Democrats now will try to add to their control of the chamber in Georgia’s runoff election on Dec. 6.

Trump Angst Grips Republicans (Again) as 2024 Announcement Looms

While Republicans pick up the pieces from the midterm elections, former President Donald J. Trump is already forcing them to take sides in the next election.

Ukraine Signals It Will Stay on the Offensive, Despite Talk of a Lull

Many analysts and diplomats have suggested there could be a pause in major combat, and even peace talks, over the winter, but after pushing the Russians out of Kherson, Ukraine has no desire to stop.

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