Wildlife & Travel: ‘Top 9 Lion Videos’ From The Smithsonian Channel

Escape your everyday life with these 9 lion videos that’ll transport you as you watch them protect their young, encounter crocs, and so much more.

Video Timeline: 0:00 – Intro to Top 9 Big Cat Videos 0:35 – Lost Lion Reunites w/ His Brother 4:26 – Lioness Protects Her Young 8:05 – Lion Cubs Have a Close Call w/ a Croc 11:36 – Lazy Lions Rely on Lionesses 14:50 – How Lions Choose Their Prey 18:53 – Young Lions Cross Croc-Infested Waters 22:28 – Lioness Guards Her Dinner 24:34 – Lioness Must Kill to Feed Her Cub 27:18 – Angry Hippo Charges Trespassing Lion

From Big Cat Country: https://bit.ly/3j4hgkh

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