Political News: “Shields & Brooks” On Joe Biden, Reopening The Economy

Syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks join Judy Woodruff to discuss the week’s news, including former Vice President Joe Biden’s new public denial of a sexual assault allegation against him, congressional action in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and where the country stands on lifting business restrictions and stay-at-home orders.

Health: The Benefits Of “Intermittent Fasting” For People In High-Stress Jobs

From Oxford University Press – OUP (May 1, 2020):

…ultra-processed foods are generally the foods available to nurses working nightshifts, firefighters returning to their department after a call, police officers Intermittent Fasting Article in OUP May 1 2020patrolling neighborhoods, or military soldiers during field-exercises. Thus, time-restricted eating removes the added stress of what to eat, and serves as a practical intervention conducive to the schedules of many people.

Time-restricted eating has been shown to lower circulating insulin, blood pressure, body fat and overall body weight, inflammation, and oxidative stress.

Time-restricted eating is a nutrition intervention which alternates between a period of fasting (12 – 16 hours) followed by a period of eating (8 – 12 hours). Unlike other diets, which focus on the caloric content of a meal or which foods you should eat, time-restricted eating focuses exclusively on when you eat by compressing and standardizing the feeding window each day. In turn, people following this type of eating pattern naturally enter a state of caloric deficit.

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Nutrition Reviews - Time-Restricted Feeding

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Travel Film: “Amsterdown” – A Portrait Of Amsterdam During Quarantine By Quentin van den Bossche

Produced/Directed/Shot/Edited by: Quentin van den Bossche

“Amsterdown” a portrait of Amsterdam during the global pandemic. As we explore life in a day of quarantined city, we journey through the usually energetic scene interrupted during an unprecedented time. Punctuated by a gentle bursts of local human activity.

The film was a cathartic exercise for a filmmaker left with very little purpose. Thematically, it’s a visual exploration of space and distance as set by our new way of life. Observing and examining what I could with what I had. Highlighting the contrast found in this emptiness, without comment.

The oral cover of Claire de Lune by the Swingle Singers, which I was attracted to very early on, was a piece that gave the edit a touch of humanity by filling the void left behind by people. We now live in a world that has been set on pause, as opposed to completely switched off – and there’s hope in that. Stay safe and healthy out there.

Prod. Co.: Radical Media

Executive Producer: Ben Schneider & Jodie Brooks
Prod. Coordinator: Lallie Doyle
Sound Design & Mix: Randall Macdonald @ Wave Studios