Top Restaurants In Texas: Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen In Austin Fuses “Nikkei” & Flavors Of Peru

From a online review:

Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen Austin sustainable SushiChef de cuisine Julio-Cesar Florez, a native of Lima, served as chef de cuisine of the now-defunct Peruvian-themed Isla and has been the sous chef at Lucky Robot since mid-2017, where he began adding subtle Peruvian touches to Huang’s playful Japanese cuisine. Seeing the success of these special menu items, the two decided to take the 6-year old restaurant in this new direction.

Nikkei marries the simplicity and precision of Japanese cooking techniques with the flavor profiles of Peru

Lucky Robot, a casual Japanese restaurant in Austin’s popular South Congress Avenue, switched its menu to focus more intensively on nikkei in the spring. With over 15 years’ experience in Japanese cuisine, training under Master Shibazaki-san of Benihana and Tyson Cole of Uchi, executive chef Jay Huang is a master of Japanese flavors and plating, enhanced by a passion for sustainability and support of local purveyors.

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