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World News Podcast: U.S. Approves Vaccine, German Covid-19 Fatalities Surge

Radio News 24/7 reports: Pfizer vaccine approved by FDA, Germany faces surging Covid-19 fatalities, and other top world news.

Health: How Britain Is Planning To Roll Out The Covid-19 Vaccine (Video)

The U.K. became the first Western nation to vaccinate patients against Covid-19. WSJ explains how the country is planning to roll out the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine at record speed, making it a test case for the rest of the world.

Photo: Jacob King/Bloomberg News

World News: Covid-19 Vaccine, G-20 Summit

Radio News 24/7 reports: PFIZER AND BIONTECH apply for emergency Covid-19 vaccine authorization, G-20 meeting in Saudi Arabia, and other top world news.