Preview: The New Yorker Magazine – Dec 12, 2022

A parent and child are silhouetted against a giant glowing Christmas tree.
Illustration by By Françoise Mouly

The New Yorker – December 12, 2022 issue:

An Anti-Abortion Activist’s Quest to End the Rape Exception

Rebecca Kiessling, photographed by Danna Singer.

For Rebecca Kiessling, helping mothers who’ve conceived children through sexual assault is part of a strategy for curtailing reproductive rights.

So You Want to Be a TikTok Star

illustration of lots of phone screens and girl holding phone

The social-media platform is transforming the music industry. Is that a good thing?

In Praise of Parasites?

A colorful illustration of a variety of parasites, including two leeches and a large tapeworm.

We think of them with revulsion, but a new book wants us to appreciate their redeeming qualities.

At Qatar’s World Cup, Where Politics and Pleasure Collide

The first ten days were soccer as it is, rather than as you want it to be.

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