Previews: The New Yorker Magazine – Nov 7, 2022

Person sweeping sidewalk of dry leaves and medical masks.

Inside the The New Yorker Magazine, November 7, 2022:

How Election Subversion Went Mainstream in Pennsylvania

Doug Mastriano grilling on a voting booth.

In the state’s midterms—which could determine the balance of the Senate and the integrity of the Presidential race in 2024—Democrats are fighting for the vote. Republicans are fighting to undermine it.

Was Jack Welch the Greatest C.E.O. of His Day—or the Worst?

As the head of General Electric, he fired people in vast numbers and turned the manufacturing behemoth into a financial house of cards. Why was he so revered?

Is the Multiverse Where Originality Goes to Die?

A person reading a book in a colorful room full of cultural references from different shows about the multiverse.

The concept helps entertainment companies like Marvel Studios recycle old characters—but it can also unlock new kinds of storytelling.

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