Books: The New York Times Book Review – Oct 23, 2022

Cormac McCarthy’s New Novel: Two Lives, Two Ways of Seeing

The New York Times – In “The Passenger,” a pair of siblings contend with the world’s enigmas and their own demons. The term “Janus word” was coined in the 1880s by the English theologian Thomas Kelly Cheyne to describe a word that can express two, more or less opposite meanings. Cheyne gave it the name of the two-faced Roman god who looks forward and back at the same time. 

Ken Burns Wishes More People Would Call Willa Cather a Great American Novelist

“What about ‘O Pioneers!’ or ‘My Ántonia’?” asks the documentarian and author of the forthcoming photo book “Our America.” “For that matter, what about Gabriel García Márquez? We do not have a copyright on the word ‘American.’”

Paul Newman’s Humanity and Star Power

When the actor appeared in the movie version of “Nobody’s Fool,” Richard Russo saw another side of him.

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